New Honeycomb Bravo Axes Mapping Issues

The Honeycomb Bravo has always worked fine for me out of the box (excepting the known Throttle 2 and autopilot bug).

Now all of a sudden the axes, while being detected and responding properly in game in the sensitivity menu, don’t respond to the corresponding axis keybind (such as Throttle 1 or 2, Mixture 1 or 2, etc) in the general key-bind menu.

What I had to do was to clear the input for each and every axis and remap them even though the designation of the key-bind and the axis in the game are exactly the same.

This is similar to the Throttle 2 bug known since launch only that it is now affecting every axis.

When I received my Bravo 2-3 weeks ago, I had to reassign all the axes to make them work. I was prepared for the axis 2 issue, but not that. No big deal, though. It’s a mystery, that’s all.

My Bravo quit on me yesterday. I am nervous. Any clue?

If by “quit” you mean that Windows cannot see it, my first suggestion would be to replace the cable with a high-quality one. The second would be to try a different USB port and make sure it’s USB-3.

My PC is too far from the Alpha + Bravo for the supplied cables, so I initially invested in extension cables. That was a bad solution, they kept disconnecting at random.

Now I have them connected via a powered USB hub, and problems are gone.

Yes reassigning ALL seems to do the trick. Sad that this must done. Boo Hoo Boo Hoo…