New Hornet is a blast to fly!

And what a better place to take it on a test flight than the Mach Loop?

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Flied there with F-14, it is not bad, but there is much more fun in Alps.

For F-18 people say it is not good. I don’t know ehat they exepct, if they want fully simulated fighter, they should play DCS. In this sim, fighters are like race cars, I want them to fly fast.

Nice of the black van to give you an escort.

What is your controller setup of I may ask?

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I’m using VKB Gladiator NXT, it’s pretty good stick for the price. Especially if you play DCS. The Hall effect sensors on the axis and the way the stick is mechanically constructed gives really precise inputs. Way better than the TM FCS T.16000M I used before.

I fly both DCS and MSFS, and I see some differences in the flight model, but let’s not forget the Hornet modelled in DCS is the legacy Charlie variant, and in MSFS we have E/F Super Hornet, which has bigger wings and few other differences (like different air intakes). So unless someone flew both IRL, you really can’t be sure 100% if they are accurate or not.


One of the genuine pilots on YT described the flight model of the Hornet as “cartoony” with strange ground handling.

Sums up most of the default aircraft!

Whatever the arcade players want is fine and I’ve no objection to that. It’s just not for me however.

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Hmm, I couldn’t find any real pilot reviews yet of the MSFS plane… which video was it exactly?

Intotheblue did a recent review of SU7 and he covered the new craft in that video. A week or so ago.

Ah this one. Yeah, with cartoony he meant that he would expect more feedback from it. So, 3rd parties to the rescue, it’s open for improvements as it is in the base-sim :slight_smile:


Dunno where we’d be without third parties bless 'em.

I fly the DCS Hornet as well. Given the development time from Eagle Dynamics, I’d say for sure the feeling flying them both is very different. Not better or worse, just different. I’d be surprised though the Asobo version has a more accurate flight model.

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Yeah, I noticed that with increased speed the roll rate of the Super Bug actually goes down which shouldn’t be the case, unless the FBW system is set up this way? Also it’s really twitchy at low speeds and ground handling is a bit weird.

Overall DCS Hornet behaves more believable, but since both use FBW the characteristics would depend on the way the system is set up I guess.


Wow very nice. Are you using Track ir or Smoothtrack app ?

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I’m using Track IR. I can’t recommend it enough. Despite its price it’s worth every penny - I’ve been using it with many flight and driving sims, and even with Arma games.

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