New idea for Quest 2 tracking camera video passthrough

I asked this question on reddit:
I am a flight sim pilot using Quest2 and instead of peeking out the nose gap or lifting the bottom of the headset, I was wondering about perhaps something simpler than a real mixed-reality (green screen solution), how about an experimental feature that when the user double taps the HMD, a percentage of the VR image (controlled by the volume control buttons during double-tap mode setup), beginning at the bottom of the image screen and extending upwards be the passthrough video instead of the VR graphics. The idea is to show our keyboard (especially), mouse, control wheels/joysticks and maybe the bottom portion of our monitor. I realize that the current passthrough video is low quality and black-and-white, but maybe with some of the new “Link Sharpening” thrown in, we could get some help using control devices on our tabletop during car/flight simming. Also, the newer Quest++ models will likely have better quality cameras. I could try to develop this mixed reality capability in apps - and purchase HD stereo cameras and mount them on the HMD but seems like a lot of work and expensive.

Anyone else think it might be a good idea and want to try to see if the Oculus devs might be interested?

I guess this would be relatively easy to implement and would be nice to have the option.

I also hope they continue to develop the “bring into VR” feature - At the moment you can mark a sofa or a desk, and these items appear as outlines in your VR world. I think this is actually pretty close to what we need, as it allows you to remain fully in the VR cockpit whilst also seeing the location of real world objects. The current iteration of “bring your desk” is not ideal though as the minimum size of the desk is still quite large, and the desk outline is constant and therefore a bit distracting in the cockpit. If the object size and also the outline thickness line could be tweaked down a bit it could be really good I think - we could mark the locations of a couple of different objects like HOTAS, mousemat/keyboard.

Also in a similar manner there is currently a “bring your keyboard into VR” beta function but I believe it only works with specific Logitech keyboards at the moment.