New ingamepanel like a tablet


I kinda see this product as a better interface for interacting with external apps an files… I’d rather use this tablet than the stand-alone Navigraph window for example, because it’s too large and I have to re-size it all the time. Also Little Navmap when I fly VFR.

I suppose the stand-alone functions are probably the scratchpad, climb & descent calculators, airport weather info. Maybe their VFR map, but I don’t use it myself. You need to be running the Little Navmap webserver for PDF access unfortunately.


LittleNavmap is necessary for the NAVMAP app only.

For the VATSIM apps, the Oculus app and the PDF Viewer app, an internal ultralight portable web server included in the package is required, but not LittleNavmap.


Now THAT is a great video! :rofl: I’m partial to it, anyway.

Just have to put in another plug for this tablet - It has been absolutely essential for VR flights especially on the VATSIM network. It opens up a whole new set of options - You have a scratch pad to copy clearances (and holding instructions as I found out recently on a busy VATSIM event!!), you have Navigraph built in, and you have a PDF viewer for referencing your OFP that you downloaded from Simbrief.

Also useful - the app that lets you look up weather for your nearest airport or search for an airport and look at the METAR. I normally have VATSIM Radio (VSR) running for this, but it is great to have it built in to the tablet.

Oh, and the landing rate calculator is great, too… really lets me see how bad my landing performance is :rofl: But seriously, this is another great feature of the tablet.

It is just so nice to have all these essential features baked in to one device that doesn’t take up much room in the virtual cockpit/flight deck.

Again, this is, in my opinion, an essential piece of gear for your VR/VATSIM flying! I have been using it on every stream recently either flying on the VATSIM network or offline like in the last multiplayer stream we did flying around Colorado. I highly recommend it and encourage you to check it out!!

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Yes my mistake. You don’t need LittleNavmap for the PDF webserver. I just confused myself with my configuration.

I am writing here because it might be the closest topic.
Real life pilot, i fly exclusively in VR in both sims - fs2020 and X-Plane…

I am desperately looking for 2 items that exist in xplane but not exactly in fs2020 (or not aware), and I need your suggestion:

  1. A tool that would allow me to use easily my wacom graphic tablet in VR for ATC…

X-Plane has a free plugin called “Move VR”, which allows to open any page or software already opened in the desktop inside the VR headset (at low fps impact)… With this, i can open into the sim a window showing “Microsoft Paint” , which is configured with my Wacom graphic tablet and opened on a second monitor. Then, with the pencil, i can write easily my clearances in real time . The pencil is not used as a mouse and does not interacr with anything in the coxkpit (avoids interacrijg with commands )… to switch from tge paint window orbthe sim window, just click on tge pen…

Important point, i do not have vr controller (use the mouse only and a cessna 1:1 scaled home cockpit)

I tried canvas but it is not a good solution for me because the pen acts as a mouse and the handwriting is challenging…

So this not the correct approach.

I also tried once VR kneeboard but never succeed to configure it with my Wacom tablet (orientation ot the active area, buttons to erase text etc).

  1. A real multiple pdf reader, like Avitabs…

Yes, there are many VR reader options but Avitabs still is the best for me because it allows to organise the pdf charts into folders and the loading time is negligible.
I have a few Gb of VFR charts from sifferent countries and all are classified per countries, airports, etc… Avitabs also allows to open quickly heavy charts (like the sectional ones which are around 200 Mb). It has also several onglets which allow to open a VFR sectional and multiple approaches or.ground or VAC charts.

Those 2 points are the only reason i still use also X-plane.
Would be happy if someone has solutions or suggestions for my specific needs.

Thank you

I have to enter a Navigraph code every flight. Is there anyway around this?

Use the official Navigraph panel to authenticate and you will be able to use the tablet without doing so.

Navigraph works of this way. It’s not a problem. Login in each session like any web if you don’t use cookies. And Flight Simulator doesn’t use cookies.

Only one time by session if you use the Navigraph panel. If you close Fligtht Simulator and reopen it, it’s a new session.

I think that you need open a Virtual Desktop or a Virtual Screen in your VR Session.

Oculus allow open a Desktop Window like an overlay in your VR Enviroment.


You can use OVR Toolkit too:

About PDF.

I could add a select files interface, but the common use is planning the flight and copy the necessary charts and pdf before to takeoff, like a real flight. You can’t put a encyclopedie in your portfolio before a flight, only the necessary files.

X-Plane allow programming addons with C and Lua scripts, Ingamepanels FS only with Javascript and the graphics libraries are very limited. The way to program x-plane addons with FS is tremendously different, therefore it cannot be done the same and sometimes it is even impossible, for now, because there is no previous documentation.

But I can take a note about this for next releases. Thanks.

Thanks for your explanation. Up until now I had been using my Navigraph subscription in the FBW EFB which does not require authorization every session so I was unaware of this.