New Lancaster

Having owned and flown the Spitfire for a while now, what a pleasant surprise to read today of Aeroplane Heaven’s Lancaster coming to MSFS. Time to practice formation flying I think!!!


Considering the quality of their last offerings and the way they talk to their customers my excitement can easily be contained…


oh…not good?
the Spit was good though (although I opted for the FI mark IX)

It, along with most of their releases, was shipped with issues. They just released a F3F which has borked stick animations and the engine sounds are an insult.


hmm…hoping then a Lancaster may be an overall improvement

Not defending them, but lets be honest, most planes released for this game are ■■■■■■■■ at launch. I do own both Spitfires in the game, and I enjoy flying both still, in roughly equal amounts. Hell, even Asoba’s planes are still ■■■■■■■■.

I couldn’t agree more…

And yet some are better than others. And I have little problems with my Islander or Flying Iron products. My Kodiak was patched on Christmas Eve of all days, which I would have never anticipated or required of SWS. And even when there is something wrong it all depends on the updates and the way the customers are communicated with. And here AH falls rather short. Yesteryears ideas and devs meeting a modern market. To an extent that fits MilViz (DRM) and Aerosoft (the SDK does not support this, where others clearly get it done) as well. Both do not take kindly to criticism on their products. This does not make them bad devs by any rate. From my point of view there are just better alternatives.
Look at Got Friends, SWS, Blackbox, Flying Iron, Just Flight (no particular order and some forgotten, sorry :wink: ). They all got the transition right or are adapted to the new (mass) market quite well and are capable of having an open relationship with their customers, where it is possible to talk about flaws and how to address them. And all of that in a constructive and supportive manner.


I am surprised that the word B u g g e r e d has to be censored, these days.


Well that’s the beauty of freedom of choice. Where you can choose to buy, or not, to buy. Enjoy it while we still have it.

Myself I seem to spend as many hours trying to keep the game running without hiccups, from aircraft and mods that I have purchased/downloaded from pretty much every developer between here and DCS, as I do playing. And nothing scares me more in the world of gaming than the next, MSFS 2020 World Update, haha.


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Has the Electra been fixed?

While I agree about quality of their products, could you elaborate on this?

They don’t talk to their customers in my experience, they ignore you as a customer, unless you are lavishing them with praise.

Yeah sure. Just check out people asking for their once very anticipated DC3 on Facebook. They get snappy remarks. Also there when the Electra debacle was going on full tilt, they deleted posts and made snarky answers to legitimate complaints like the errors in the windows and the volume of the sounds. Just totally out of touch with reality in my opinion. And I am not saying you have to take blows to the face lying down and just accepting them as a dev. But I think it is rather better to own up to what went wrong and communicate openly. Flightsim has left its niche and has gotten big. Great for everyone involved making their living with it. But it is also time to come down from the throne of infallibility and just have normal customer relations. There is bound to be more competition now and that is good for us customers and at least in my opinion the way problems are handled is a major part in my purchase decision.
Mind you the product does not have to be perfect. Everyone is bound to make mistakes. It is all in the way how you handle them.


Thanks for explanation, this behaviour has to go away. I’m one of the “new” simmers, few weeks on fs2004 does not count I guess. It was quite a surprise for me, that some dev’s react like **** to constructive criticism. Like it’s our priviledge to use their products or something. In the end, our wallet is the thing that matters. If everyone will just keep buying their new products, they have no reason to change anything.


No. Instead of adding lines in the cfg to properly implement a supercharger they just upped the HP. That’s either a half a$$ed attempt or pure ignorance. Also they’ve released 2 updates for the f3f now and the stick is still improperly animated and the engine sounds still sound like you’re listening to them through a toilet paper tube.

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If you have heard the sound-set of the DC Stearman you know what good sound design should be like - it’s a joy to take that one for a spin every time! Engine and wind sounds are superb!

Regarding the Grumman:
Same price as the just released Cessna 337 - and: Oh boy, what a difference in quality from textures to sounds and animations.
And still 10 bucks more than the FI Spit…

The F3F was my first AH plane and as of now will probably be my last one.

I watched the Electra closely and it seems the Grumman was also a halfhearted portover.

I will stay with my Corsair and the late war Spit - and with my Stearman of course.

I’ll be buying the Lancaster. It’s one of my favorite planes since I was a kid. I hope it’s more like the Mk I Spitfire than the Electra.

I’m looking forward to this!

You might wanna see how the F3F and the P-51 are being received before committing to that…

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