New Laptop, new to Update 5, Uncontrollable

My old laptop controlled almost 700 flight hours with MSFS (pre-SU-5) working generally well before the laptop started failing. I just loaded MSFS in my new i7-11800H, RTX™ 3070, 32GB (no community folder files, Windows 10 current 21H1, not development mode, MS Store). I’m reusing my old mouse and XBox controller and all their previous settings files in MSFS.

For unknown reasons, the planes are uncontrollable. Here’s a small sampling of issues so far: The camera slowly and constantly pans down and no setting seems to stop it. The mouse will not control any cockpit switches, dials or levers. XBox controller controls are hit and miss. The cursor sometimes goes berserk and only a MSFS reload stops it. The mouse will not control the camera like with the previous computer. There is some annoying bright blue labels that illuminate over all the dials when I point to them.

I can jockey a plane into the air but any real flying is impossible.

Is there some new (or old) setting that I have somewhere missed in the hours I’ve spent today trying to get this thing working?

Some of the issues are caused by using the new “lock” interaction system. (I’ve personally grown to like it, but it is different.)
Go to settings, general, accessibility and change the interaction system to legacy.

It also sounds like you have some deadzone issues where the camera pans. I don’t have a controller myself but try to increase the deadzone for the stick that controls the camera.

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Thanks. Undoing that “lock” setting helped me get some mouse control back.

However, Now I’m afraid there are multiple issues because the others are not solved with different settings. Something is really haywire. I thought today I could just pick up where I was a month ago when the old laptop failed. I was wrong. I even had the options menu froze up and MSFS needed a reboot.


I found a work-around. The old camera settings are on a joystick pitch and yaw axis. There was no settings to correct the camera drop. I found separate up, down, left and right settings for the joystick and abandoned the axis commands.

So far the screen freeze and berserk cursor has not repeated this evening.

Kind of a long shot, but how did you transfer your old mouse and controller profiles to your new system?

Is it possible anything got corrupted during the transfer?

Have you tried loading a default control profile and seeing if the problems persist?

Redoing your binds may be necessary if everything works on a vanilla default profile.

Best of luck to you!

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RexDX, Hardware wise both the mouse and XBox controller are plug and play. The MSFS software profiles were still on my account in the MSFS cloud. I had about a half dozen profiles, two that I used with different aircraft on my old laptop and the others for binding experimentation.

Your “redoing the binds” suggestion is what I ended up doing. As a test, I loaded the default XBox controller assignments and found that the camera problems went away with the default but many of my old controls were screwed up. So, I went back and forth comparing the default and my favorite profile to see what is different. It took a while and may still need some tweaking but a re-binding of some assignments in my favorite profiles got most of the functionality back. I suspect it was SU-5 changes that caused my distress and probably that “lock” function Aeluwas suggested in the mouse issues was the big SU-5 change that did it.

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