New Manipulators FPS drop, stutters and the G1000

Upon loading a flight everything is great above 40fps after a while flying it will start stuttering and the manipulators will go sky high on latency. It may show 20fps when it’s actually like 5 or 10 fps. Basically a slide show.

I did some testing and flying on a C172 (non G1000) out of JFK towards NYC there was no problem at all after flying around for quite a while. Upon switching to a Bonanza the problem was back, I hot switched using dev mode to a C152 and the problem was gone. I suspect it has to do with the Garmin.

This was also reproduced by flying a Bonanza out of the Quepos area in Costa Rica.

It’s also interesting to note that the C172 had no GPS the screens were off and I couldn’t turn them on.

Also as a side note I’ve seen people mention that the GPU usage is too low on task manager, I think this is only a problem in reporting since I’ve seen this for quite a while now and never had an impact on my performance. The ingame FPS does show the load on GPU.

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Fly a G1000 plane specifically Bonanza as its the one I tried.
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i5 2500k @ 4.5
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YES 96815

Glad to see another fellow Costa Rican here! There are two ongoing threads about this issue. Asobo also acknowledged that they are investigating.

Your issues are due to high CPU usage at random, which causes a bottleneck so your GPU can’t receive the instructions fast enough, ending in heavy stuttering. It seems like a reoccurrence of the performance issues that existed when the sim initially launched.

You always have had low GPU usage because your legendary but fairly old 2500k is not up to the task anymore. It will definitely choke your 2080 Super and you should seriously consider upgrading. Go AMD as it seems to behave a lot better with FS2020 than Intel CPUs.

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I would strongly suggest taking the time and reading through the forums.People are getting this on a 9900k and even a 10700k cpu

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If you are referring about my mention of the i5 2500k being old, he says that his GPU has always been underutilized, so clearly his 2500k is bottlenecking the GPU, FS2020’s issues notwithstanding.

I should know as I still have a 2500k in a secondary desktop which can still run some games but surely I wouldn’t attempt FS2020.


It’s not a question of the 2500k, it’s doing what it can the gpu is being utilized to almost 100% as I have it running at high resolution. Afterburner and MSFS show gpu utilization as high while for some reason task manager shows it as almost non existent. I only mentioned it because other people are talking about that and I don’t think it has anything to do with the new issues.

Also it looks like the previous issue we had a long time ago was different, if I’m assuming we are talking about the same on that one was fixed by using process lasso and disabling dynamic thread boost. There was also another problem that went away when you disabled the vfr map but it’s not working now.

This thing with the manipulators seems to be new, I started a new thread just because I didn’t read anywhere about the relationship to the G1000 and the stuttering.


Yup, very frustrating to say the least. I’ve spent more time not playing and waiting for fixes than actually enjoying the sim since its release. I was one of the poor idiots affected by the “process lasso” stuttering and I was very glad somebody found that workaround. Sad to hear it’s not working this time. I planned on trying it out myself but honestly I have no motivation anymore.

It’s incredible that to this day an 11 year old CPU is still capable of running what is probably the most demanding title for PC right now. The 2500k is a champ. Mine has been running overclocked to 4.8 Ghz for more than half of its lifespan and still going strong. That being said, I can definitely tell the performance difference when I jump to my main PC.

Yeah it’s is frustrating. And yes the 2500k has exceeded all my expectations. Running 4K with 85 resolution scaling all on ultra at 45fps on steam gauge aircraft over NYC!

Lowest I’ve gotten is about 25fps with bad weather photogrammetry and glass cockpit. And I can also do VR.

I was going to change it but I’m going to give it some more time.

I flew the JF Arrow yesterday, and did not have any of the Garmin instruments enabled, just using the old-school radios, and I had the stuttering.

Hmm there goes my theory then… maybe it has to do with the hot switching of aircraft in the air using dev mode? Will have to test more.

So I did a little more testing and as a matter of fact the steam gauge planes are affected and hot switching aircraft this time didn’t cut it.

It seems to be dependent on time flown and área you are flying in.

The funny thing is that my FPS is amazing almost 70fps now (that is until I get the manipulators glitch).

I’m clueless :man_shrugging:t3:

I have the same problem. My FPS are the same until at some point it doesn’t matter my settings, location or airplane I get this HUGE fps loss. It is making the simulator unusable :frowning:
Asobo, please fix this.

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same issue here i will be flying along silky smooth then bang the CPU goes nuts and I loose 15 frames and it becomes a stutter fest and most of the time it wont recover even in areas of less demanding scenery, i hope its fixed soon not even worth flying

Exactly. I am stuck home because in my country there are 2000 people dying each day and the flight sim dies as well :frowning:
It is totally impossible to use it.