New MSFS disillusioned in such a short space of time

Good morning/afternoon/evening

Since learning to kind of fly on the Xbox and learning to take off, land and the basics I felt confident enough to fly ILS and it worked. Picked up the GS, auto pilot down to idle, flare, land and then park. Great, am a pilot.
Yesterday, this is where my dissolution came to a head. Small airfield south of Newcastle. Off we go, set up AP and head North. ILS set up and we are on approach before you know it. 500, 400, 300 off with AP and then glide to touch down. Engine cuts out - rudders not working. Stick in the centre of the runway and it’s carnage.

Now, without touching anything controller wise, the mixture I believe plays a major part. Watching YouTube tutorials I see None of the experience pilots even talking about this.

So up, cruise, land and then engine to idle and it cuts out as son as I land. No rudders either so the plane is all over the place.

Any idea?

Using Xbox x series
Xbox controller
Cessna C172

Is it mixture and if so is there an automatic fix in the game to stop this?

There is a setting somewhere in the assistance section which assitants alignment on the runway during take off roll, maybe turn that on / off and see how you go’

Is your mixture rich for landing?

Hi thanks for the reply

It’s not alignment. This is being directed by the AP. When I land the engines cut out fully and I am unable to taxi. I also use full use of the rudder???

IRL. The mixture is set to rich during approach ie pushed all the way forward. If you or some odd controller binding pulls it all the way out, this would cut off the engine. Same goes for the fuel valve, make sure it is not accidentally closed by some odd controller bindings.

If you can, you could post a screenshot or even a short video, that would identifying the problem much easier.

No rich mixture for landing too lean will cut the engine stone dead

What plane are you flying?

Thanks for the replies. So Carlisle to Newcastle approach runway 07 form ILS landing. Mastered that and success

At about 8 miles from the runway I got the message that the mixture was making the plane lose power. Didn’t feel like it. So I adjusted down to 95%. Approach came and landed bang centre and the plane stopped middle of the runway. Engine was on. I then noticed that before I landed I set the mixture all the way back to the 100% as I thought it was that.

So I am in the runway at a standstill and the low and behold my parking break is on.

I am piloting a Cessna 172

It appears that my parking brake comes on just as soon as I land - can only assume it’s a bind key or something

I set the mixture to auto on options. That worked.

However I still when landed immediately the parking brake is applied. Any idea why?

I can only assume that there must be any incorrect and/or double assignment. Check all your control assignments. Also make sure that it‘s really the parking brake and not „simply“ a reversed brake axis or an axis assigned to brakes on/off or similar.

The parking brake in the C172 is the pull-and-turn handle below the control yoke. If the parking brake is set the handle is pulled and turned down. If it just the brakes this handle is in and lateral.

I am going to try a couple of things this morning and report back

I understand what I was doing wrong and it appears that a bind key on my jog pad was causing the conflict as all suggested

Thanks to you who input

Glad you were helped but your post title was pretty harsh, implied a lot worse.