New MSFS Support for Buttkicker Hapticonnect - anyone tried it?

Thanks for the advice guys. I got a reply from buttkicker tech support and it looks like I was trying to change things in windows and the sim settings to make it work when all I had to do was leave everything as default and then windows did the rest. Anyway, it is working now and I can sleep tonight!

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I’m finding the Game Connect with Flightpack a better experience than with SimShaker, it just feels more natural and less intrusive. I’ve been using the stock settings and I’ve been pleased.
I had a connection issue (my fault) and I found tech support to be very responsive too.
I would recommend the BK as a really nice to have.

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So Hapticonnect works with DIY pucks? Currently I just use the sound from FSRealistic Pro (after silencing non-aircraft related sounds likke Clear Prop etc.). I am reasonably happy with it as I can use it with my seven pucks (4 in cushions in the seat, 1 on each rudder pedal and 1 on the the yoke). I have 2 cheap usb soundcards feeding 2 cheap amplifiers passing throuugh Voicemeeter. Sure I am getting the same vibrations in every puck but for a flight simulator it’s not too bad like that. I bought another recommended software for driving haptics but I gave up for various reasons. I would like to be able to get the pucks working more like the ones I have for racing using Simhub, Is Hapticonnect able to use multiple sound outlets like mine and send different effects to different pucks?

Hi, I’m not able to answer your question as I don’t use anything other than Hapticonnect software and a amp to power my pucks, I have a Dayton puck on each rudder pedal, one puck on the back of my Alpha Yoke and a single Puck mounted inside of my leather sofa cushion. My haptic connect is set Front/ Rear configuration (right amp Channel 3 pucks (2x series + 1x parallel - front) and (left amp channel - rear). You’re able to use a slider to reduce intensity (I have my front puck at 60% and rear 100%). I also use FSRealistic for extra VR immersion, I don’t do anything with the sampling, it all works really well and in very happy with it.

That’s really interesting thank you for the information. Looks very similar to my setup. Are you just using the Base Hapticonnect or the Flight Pack?

Flight pack, I get a Simconnect connection issue sometimes if I open MobiFlight first, apart from that works well

Thanks again :grinning:

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I’ve been using buttkickers for years and the best method for them is TELEMERTY DATA. Until MSFS supports this directly it’s “audio based only” and by reading the above posts seems to be convoluted and buggy. Direct support for data out is what is required like many other software titles FH4 and 5, ACC to name a few.


Hey there @TONYDARKZERO ! I can’t see how you managed to mount the Pucks to the rudder pedals. Would you mind sharing more photos or details somehow of how you went about it, please? I’m really interested!

I used the supplied bracket and mounted using the upper footrest screw, it was solid enough but I added a little hot glue on the back side

Absolutely amazing! Thank you!! What settings and which software gives you the best rudder results? @TONYDARKZERO

I’m using the paid Flight plugin €30 and Buttkickers Hapticonnect, I used to have Simshaker + Aviator program but I like the haptics from Buttkicker more. I’ll screenshot my setting tomorrow

Thank you and truly appreciate it once again, @TONYDARKZERO . Yes, if you have a second, would be amazing to see your settings indeed. Are you also able to share your current Amp, which drives the units, please?

I received my Buttkicker Gamer 2 last week. Hapticonnect is not bad for airplanes. With helicopters I find it more convincing if I just stream the sound. Fly mainly with the Flyinside Bell 206

Superb! Thank you so kindly! I’m very grateful. Based on this, I will try mounting x2 Dayton pucks 25TT-8 with the Nobsound amp on the rudders, just like you (, and have the GAMER PRO buttkicker setup as well for ambience immersion in the couch/sofa/gaming chair. That going well, and I if need more, I may mount yet another puck, (or maybe just one of the pucks from the rudders to the Alpha HC yoke may be enough?).

Is there anything you are doing to feel the rudders more (other than those settings above)? And what do you sort of feel at the pedals? (runway surface and touchdown I can imagine… anything else?) Does it give you more of some sort of rudder feedback or resistance-like feeling? I imagine all this is also a fairly synchronised feeling, as opposed to your seat shaker doing one thing, and your rudders and yoke giving another completely different sensation? Is that correct?

Also, what’s the aircraft you feel all this works best in?

Front and rear are definitely separated, flap and turbulence more noticeable on rear, rpm, landing gear etc. it just works great. No doing anything special to enhance

@TONYDARKZERO Ok. Cool. Any particular aircraft where you think this works better in? What’s your go to airplane? Also, do you happen to know the screw type in your picture?

I tried hapticonnect with my new buttkicker. Unfortunately I had really some issues with msfs crashes and I did not like the fact, that hapticonnect used around 10% cpu power (i13900k).

I now switched back to simshaker with andrews soundmodule which also supports dcs. According to task manager simshaker uses under 1% of cpu power and I have had no more crashes.
Furthermore I like the effects more then these from hapticonnect.

I’ve given up on it as it just causes problems, such as CTD, since the last MSFS update.