New MSI GF65 Thin 10UE Intel Core i5-10200H with RTX3060 MaxQ 6go

Hello , I am considering purchasing this laptop currently on promotion (around 1050€) as the specs seems fine (512gb, 16b RAM). I am just wondering :

  • in what settings I could play FS2020 with such a laptop card (normal, high or ultra)
  • could I hook an Oculus Quest 2 to it?
  • is 6gb sufficient? What is the difference between RTX3060 normal and the max Q?
    I currently have a Asus GTX1650 laptop (512gb, 16b RAM, and I5 8300H) and would upgrade only if it worth it, considering the hassle of reinstalling FS2020…

Thank you!

I wouldn’t expect too much out of that laptop if you want to hook a Quest2 up to it. A 3060 (especially a laptop variant) won’t be able to push the resolution needed for a good experience. I think the CPU will struggle as well.

It might be fine for 1080p and maybe 1440p on a normal screen. But all laptops struggle with heat (especially the thin ones), high temperature = less performance.

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If you only plan to run vanilla with no addons I don’t see why not.Its probably going to struggle with VR a bit.That 10200h is also a bit slower than the recommended desktop i5 8400.

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