New night lighting ... WOW ! (DX12 really neccessary ?)

oh my god ! this is absolutely stunning ! new 400 LOD and performance still increasing, what kind of witchery is this ?

do we really need dx12 for performance ? :smiley:


I’m getting a fairly big performance hit with my RTX 3080 at lower altitudes so the answer is definitely yes. Its fine higher up like in your screen shot but its not great lower down. Thats with every other setting on ultra mind you, maybe its possible to juggle things a bit more but to be honest I was fine with it at 200%. In my opinion its only really needed at higher altitudes.

I wish Asobo could make it dynamic so the higher you go the higher the LOD.


yes that will be a good idea cause we don’t need such detail on the ground or low altitude is just when going over 15000 ft that visual was bad if they increase the LOD at high altitude will be a good solution for performance

Looks terrible IMHO. Instead of removing the unatural sepia mask, they increased their draw distance even futher ^^


Honestly, wasn’t expecting such a good change. They’re listening to us now and doing something right. Hope we will get better results in the SU7. ( These screenshots are taken from FL380)


Definitely looks better - nice job team.


Same here. Since I play in VR, it’s more demanding but I still enjoy this new SU6 :slight_smile: and the G1000 NXi… phenomenal !!!


Before SU5 it was all filter sepia mask, blurry worst of all, now it’s way much better.


Night lighting is absolutely AMAZING in SU6.

Asobo, please please please do not change it again… this iteration is the best it’s been!


Great pics to show it off. LOVE it.


well, I love the new lighting improvement, but I think it would look even better if they COMPLETELY remove the sepia mask for near to mid distances. jm2c.


For taste, they probably could add option Night Sepia Mask Filter: On\ Off, I don’t think it is complicated to do.


Good idea!

Did they fix the approach lighting (ALS) so they can’t be seen from all angles anymore?

Guys, I don’t want to upset you, but the sepia mask is still there. Even though it is night, everything seems bright. I hope they fix this issue completely in SU7…


sorry mate but sepia problem still continues

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Yes on some area, It was discussed from Asobo, on Q@A before there was issue on desert, sepia mask was lighted these area for some reason.

Before it was all area and all altitude above 15k, but light bulb rendering is much better now, either they fix desert area, or add Sepia Mask On\Off option, I did on DEV mode, ( terrain\ enable only light) but remove some bulb light intensity others light I thinks, they need to address bulb light intensity without sepia mask enabled would be just right.

Your pic was at Duby

Sepia Mask enabled

Sepia Mask disabled


Sepia mask = industrial fog (brown ground clouds)?

Is it just me, or do the airport ground lights flicker when you pan the camera?

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Yeah, they flicker now. I’m using a Tobii eye tracker so I’m constantly moving a little bit. Both blue and white ones flicker. And the blue ones closest to you go out when you are taxiing.

Lights look better but still could use some work.

And the ground marshal still hasn’t found his wand that he used to have in his right hand.