New Nvidia Driver 460.79 and MSFS update 1.11.7

I do not like MSFS and NVIDIA updates arriving within days of each other. Presumably the MFMS update was to fix 3rd party aircraft issues and presumably the new NVIDIA driver is for recently released games. A huge assumption is that these two updates TOGETHER don’t impact graphics quality or performance as NO changes need to be made to current graphics settings.

Clearly MSFS graphics are very sensitive to adjustments and new hardware. Many people have spent a lot of time to determine optimized graphics settings, myself included.

But what if in general MSFS updates and new NVIDIA drivers together do impact graphics optimization? There have been many forum posts about decreased FPS or decreased graphics quality happening after something changes. Is there any way to test graphics settings after changes to determine if current settings need to be changed?

A recent MSFS update included performance updates. Did any graphics settings need to be changed to see any improvement? Could performance drop if the update is incompatible with a user’s graphics settings?

Somehow graphics testing should be done with each new update and driver to validate existing graphics settings or publish new recommended settings. We shouldn’t have to spend more time optimizing graphics than flying in MSFS.

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You don’t have to, that is your choice. I installed the newest Nvidia driver earlier, then went flying. I didn’t pore over my settings, just a quick check to ensure all the expected defaults were set.


I’m quite sure asking MSFS to validate their software with each and every video driver that companies not related to them publish would grind fixing real bugs to a standstill. If nvidia publishes a driver that doesn’t work well, what do you want the MSFS team to do about it?

I agree with previous poster…I spend no more than 60 seconds checking to make sure graphics settings are the same after an update.


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I experienced this exact issue last evening after the part-n-parcel FS2020 3rd Party Aircraft (Hotfix?) downloaded as I was booting up sim. Earlier yesterday I had a rare Nvidia update. Anyhow, I created a cold start 787-10 FP KORD>KJFK. I noticed right away the graphics AND performance had changed for the worse. Spent at least an hour or more searching for resolution (no pun intended) online, and testing and tweaking various settings in NVIDIA Control Panel, FS2020 Graphics Settings, WIN10 Display settings, and Dell Monitor settings. No matter the config the graphics visual and performance was hindered. I finally reset graphics settings in FS. A little better but still not the same. Then I changed the Anti-Aliasing to DLAA and it improved somewhat. However, after about 10 mins into flight while climbing the sim crashed with error message. I gave up and will try again later today. Frustrating.

Does anyone know what the ideal graphics settings should be across the spectrum?

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There is likely no such thing, as there are so many different combinations in a given computers configuration. It also depends on what you mean “ideal”. If you mean maximum frame rate, then that’s easier, as the same settings would apply to all: just set everything to minimum. :wink:

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If you need a baseline, start with the NVIDIA experience settings, they have MULTIPLE settings for each resolution, all built toward one goal, stable frame rate with limited or no stutter. Take the time, pick the resolution you want, and start in the middle of the slider for optimization presets, and find a sweet spot and REMEMBER THAT EXPERIENCE POINT YOU PICKED. Then you can begin researching what each setting actually does and tweak them in game settings. That’s what I did in the end, and it took me about and hour or two (load setting, load game, test flight, rinse/repeat), but I’m happy at running 1440 getting avg of 55-60 fps down to 40 over places like NYC.

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just have fun … especially if nothing is broken

have a blessed day

Thank you. I will try that :+1: