New Nvidia Driver 466.11

Thanks!! I appreciate the info. I thought I was going crazy with thinking my GPU was running hotter and turns out I was right.

None of the latest drivers seem to work well on my rtx2060super I am getting some weird flickering.No issues here on 457.51

Since installing the latest driver with Geforce experience, the FPS counter is not shoeüwing FPS anymore. Also the have now introduced some Performance measures like CPU, GPU etc, None of them functionning properly. Sent the issue to Nvidia Support but apart from the standard answers referring to new installation, antivirus software removals etc. no input. Anybody experiencing the same or having a solution? Thank you.

same here - but I think its a Geforce experience issue and not a driver issue. I’m still running 461.72 but did update Geforce Exp and now the FPS counter is only working occasionally and does not run at startup or between MSFS sessions.
Like you I find the Nvidia staff reluctant to offer help - instead like from most other customer ‘service’ persons you get canned responses meant to dissuade meaningful dialogue. It’s like they’re told : “don’t spend too much time telling them it’s all their fault and to go find forensic proof that it’s caused by our driver” basically customer service anymore is a giant middle finger and you can quote me

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· Mainboard – Gigabyte Z390 D

· Memory – 32 Gig PC-2666 DDR4 RAM

· Hard Drive – 1 TB SSD

· Hard Drive – 4000 Gig 7200rpm

· Graphics – 8 GiG GeForce RTX 2070 Super

Just installed new Gforce driver 466.11 and it is working really well no stutters and fps 45-55,very happy.

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There are controversies… 456.71 here and I’m not thinking of changing anytime soon.

Yes, 457.30 is still the best for me. Driver versions 465.89 and 466.11 give me stutter, see . I have a NVidia 1660 Super GPU with a little over clock. My driver settings are:

NVidia Systemsteuerung MSFS 2020 Bild1
NVidia Systemsteuerung MSFS 2020 Bild2
NVidia Systemsteuerung MSFS 2020 Bild3

I have a fps limit of 20 fps - just for lower GPU temperature. I use maximum power (Maximale Leistung) and high texture quality (Hohe Qualität).
I think I get best fps if I set “low latency (geringe Latenz)” to off and “vsync (Vertikale Synchronisierung)” to let the application decide.

Disclaimer: I can not tell you that this is the best setting for EVERY NVidia GPU in EVERY computer. This setting works fine for me, for MSFS 2020 version and for Paris.

I tested the setting by flying in an Extra 330LT between l’Arc de triumphe and La Defense. With graphics setting “High” I have 20fps all the time. I say: not bad for a 750€ low cost PC.

The following location at airport Charles de Gaulle LFPG gives me the worst fps in “Ultra”, but still no stutter:

i have nearly the same system, what resolution are you using ? thanks!

I use ultra to get 40 to 50 fps or sometimes high to get over 60. Higher rates are usually when viewing outside aircraft and the lower rates when focusing on instruments.