New NVIDIA driver - 471.11

The new Nvidia driver 471.11 is now live.

What are you currently running?

I am running the 471.11 now for testing.

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and with which graphics card?

Geforce RTX 2080

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Ahh okay thanks, I’m curious!

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I would like to have that too … !!

Unfortunately at the moment, if at all, only available for around 1800 to 2000 €

Just installed it on my 2070 super but it’s set my main screen to 640x480 instead of my normal 2K resolution and it has no option to change it. Going to uninstall and retry.

For me with all the newer Nvidia drivers my flight sim performance got worse and started tearing all over the place. I had to roll back to the 165 version I do believe.

466.77, the one prior to today’s 471.11 was working well for me.

I have tried uninstalling using DDU in safe mode and reinstalled 471.11 but it screws up my main 2K Gigabyte Aurous screen. It detects it as an Nvidia wired screen and only has the option for 640x480. My 2nd screen, an Acer 1080p screen works fine with the new driver.

Have had to roll back to 457.30 for now and will probably go back to 466.77 once I’m sure it’s all working ok.

So just a word of warning for anyone trying this out. make sure you have an older version to go back to before you try it.

If I’d not had a copy of 457.30 in my downloads folder or the 2nd screen that was working ok at 1080p it would have been a bit of a pain trying to download an older version with the screen at only 640 x 480.

Why dont you disconnect all monitors but your primary display, the 2K one you mentioned and install the drivers. if it works well, then start connecting your other monitors one by one.

And for me, they keep getting better and better performance.


Thanks, I did try with just one monitor but it doesn’t detect the correct monitor type, just names it Nvidia wired instead of the Aorus it normally detects.

Guess it’s just a bug in this driver, as going back to the previous one it works fine.


Same exact problem here, also using Aorus monitor and had to roll back to previous driver. Seeing other reports of this on the Nvidia forum.

GTX 1070 here. Remarkable difference. Everything smoother & sharper with at least a 15-20% FPS improvement & that’s tested over London! Was using 457.30. Well done Nvidia!!! :slight_smile:

Added support for windows 10 may 2021 update version (21H1) the notes say.

Anyone knows what this support is?

Hola a todos.
I only use VR
The new driver (471.11) allows me to increase terrain details (60) and object details (65) to 80 and 90 respectively without loss of fps.

GTX 1080TI
RYZEN 5 5600x
32 GB RAM 3600

Agreed, seems very stable for me too on GTX 980 (after staying with 457.51 for months) :+1:

Unfortunately for me, the new driver gives a bad look at the clouds, very “pixeled”

Have you reset your graphics settings? If you had hand edited your cfg file to turn off “sharpen” that will be undone.