New nvidia driver 497.29 has been released

Game Ready Driver Fixes (For full list of fixes please check out release notes)

  • [Microsoft Flight Simulator]: The game may crash to the desktop during gameplay. [3454519]
  • [Microsoft Flight Simulator]: Purple/blue artifacts appear on ground textures in the game. [3454530]

not rather a scene that comes from your home that bug ?

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Just tried this and no crashes. Performance seemed a little poor though.

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With or without the beta?

Sorry, with beta. 497.09 would not even let me load into a flight.


Loading into the flight was sorta choppy whereas it was pretty smooth before, but once I Iet the sim settle I couldn’t see a huge difference in performance. DX11,win10, hags off.

May i ask why you have HAGS off? Personal preference or did you encounter issues with it?

Never had it on, didn’t have any CTD issues, decided not to fix what wasn’t broken. Might have originally turned it off trying to troubleshoot some other game…

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Ah okey, i see. I didnt have any issues with it so i still have it on. Could not spot any difference yet. Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

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Same here, a little less perfomance. (HAGS off)

497.29 HAGS on, restored perfomance
No blue/purple patches

Didn’t have any real problems before, updated to newest drivers (just like to keep them up to date)

Windows 11, DX11, (hags on or off made no real difference) Still getting tiny stutters on the ground, but not game stopping. Have tried all the CPU limiting stuff etc. To be honest, I still think ‘Live Players’ is causing my micro stutters.

Seems to be using a little more GPU and CPU power.

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Additional question that maybe should be asked in the OP. What version of GFE is everyone using? I had issues with v3.24 with the previous 497.09? I had to disable to HAGS to get it to even work and then when GFE v3.24 autoupdated I started having CTDs again.

DX12 still causes CTD for me.

Tested and the CTD and blue texture issue are resolved on my system with this driver - DX11 / HAGS on / Win 11.

Appreciate the fix.

didn’t work for me. DX11, HAGS On…CTD
Will rollback to version 496…again

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Out of curiousity, did you do a “clean install” which would remove the previous? I always do clean installs just to be sure.

For the roll back, just download the one you want manually.


well, didn’t think of that for a GPU driver…Never did that, so wouldn’t know how to perform a clean install

It’s a check box when you are doing the installation.