New nVidia Driver just released!

461.40 1-26-21. I will give it a shot.

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here is NVIDIA’s description about the new driver. The last part about “open issues” concerns me. Could moving from PC mode to VR mode be problematic ???

That is a little concerning since that’s what VR basically does is switch to another display.

But I wouldn’t doubt nvidia would screw something like VR up. They been terrible with drivers lately.

Any joy? I’m a little hesitant to try🤔

Tried it. Sticking with 457.30. Though, there seems to be an improvement over the previous release, it still causes a lot of stutter for me as opposed to 457.30.


No difference for me I’m afraid. Still loads of stuttering.

Thanks for testing, maybe the next one will be better.
Or not.

As per my Benchmarking thread I’ll be sticking with 457.30, did 3 back-to-back benchmarks to get an average and…well…the picture speaks for itself!


Thanks for sharing

How can I get 457.30? And how to do a clean uninstall?

When you install, select custom install, select CLEAN install.

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By searching “The internet” :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was thinkg I need DDU or something like that

This afternoon I was making benchmark with the Heaven test and drivers 461.33 (the hotfix published recently), and I did it again with the new one 461.40 few minutes ago. From the 2D perspective it’s pretty similar (left old, right new)

Anyway, thanks @MarcG888, your tests speak for itself as you said, and 457.30 seems again the way to go, for now. Hope they will improve those new drivers soon…

Edit : I did those tests as I OC my RTX 3070, on stock I had 179fps.


All the benchmarks you guys are showing - the values are really in the random performance error margins. They aren’t really indicative of anything.


Visually there’s a marked difference between the two, 457.30 are relatively smooth, whereas all of the 460+ drivers suffer from a stutter which is very obvious and annoying.

This is shown in the Smooth (frame) percentage in CapFrameX, the average for the 3 benchmarks is as follows:
461.40 = 63.5%
457.30 = 78.7%

Edit: Just to add the 451 Drivers are actually the best on my system, but they screw up other Games so i can’t use them.


does the 457.30 works fine with other games?

For me Yes, in fact the latest drivers work just fine as well on other games, it’s only MSF2020 that’s showing such an issue with everything from 460 onwards.

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thank you for taking the time to do this!

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No problem, I’ve been benchmarking games since forever and VR since 2017/18, so actually I find it quite enjoyable in a weird sorta way :smiley:

As always though my benchmarks come with the Disclaimer that the results are what my system shows for me, yours/anyones results will vary so don’t take my results as Gospel :slight_smile: