New nvidia driver with HAGS enabled

New nvidia driver from yesterday is very good for VR. I did enable HAGS and yes indeed it makes diffennce now. I did manage to depart from EFHK with a330-900neo with 40fps in VR (NIS 75%). Great stuff.

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Is that 511.23?

Yes it is.


which Hardware?

didn’t try yet this driver but openXR-toolkit already made VR so much more playable

VR Flight Sim Guy aproved:

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After installing the 511.23 driver, I noticed a slight fps loss of about 2 frames. However to me it seemed that MSFS ran a bit smoother, and the picture quality was improved in VR.
Activating HAGS produced significant stutters in VR when panning around. Had it turn it off again.
i9 10900k@ 5Ghz, 32 Gb RAM, rtx 3090, Valve Index

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After installing the 511.23 drivers my MSFS don’t start. Only a black screen.
i9-10900k @ 5.0GHz, 32GB, RTX 3090

What is HAGS?

This should explain it: Hardware Accelerated Gpu Scheduling

Wow. This new driver is the best yet for me. I’m struggling for frame rates as I have an RTX 2070 (NOT Super). This driver gives me a 3 fps improvement plus it is smoother. I’m happy! I have HAGS off.

RTX 2070
10 core 20 thread i9

That’s really great, but could you maybe make a comparison to before? What driver did you have before and how many FPS did you gain roughly?

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