New Nvidia drivers and DX12 in VR

My current strategy is switching TAA when flying glass cockpit / IFR and get 25-30fps, but DLSS quality if flying visually/steam gauge to get 30-40fps - DX12 in both cases. Fingers crossed they can fix the glass cockpits in DLSS and get the best of both worlds!

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I wont say it’s for the high end cards. Any card that has plenty of VRAM will benefit. The 3080s are getting capped.

On my 10G 3080 I saved over 0.6gb ram just by running steam in mini mode. Pity we also can’t reduce memory usage of WMR home.

Anyone care to try it, here are the steps for steam that I followed.

In my case DX12 is a big mess no matter what I try and I tested all the combinations that came to my mind.
Each time I switch back to DX11 I see a definitive improvement.
I don’t know why but in my opinion the main reason DX12 causes stutters is VRAM overloading (8GB, 3070, G2).
I am not surprised it is still a beta version…

So far I’m happy with this:
DX11/OpenXR 150%/FSR70%/FVR inner ring 85/DLSS on Quality/ mostly high settings
2700x2700px/ Motion Reprojection stable at 30fps with GA in the majority of situations excluding dense photogrametric areas.

Go to C:\Windows\SystemApps\EnvironmentsApp_bunchofletters\ and delete or rename EnvironmentsApp.exe

You’ll have to take control of the app first since admins don’t have it by default.

No more cliffhouse and about 1 gb vram freed up.


Oh nice, have you found a way to reduce its gpu usage. Even with this trick, just with WMR open, paused, with nothing happening, its using 30% of the gpu load according to gpu-z and lol Crazy isn’t it.

Getting rid of the always-running cliffhouse is all I’ve found

How to take control?

And I’m back to DX11 again. Whilst the overall CPU load appeared to be lower with DX12 and, as a result, things appeared subjectively smoother when looking around in VR, what I am finding now is that I am getting intermittent flashing around the edges of my vision. Happens every flight. Sometimes it’s in one eye, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Switching back to DX11 and the problem disappears.

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Have you tried turning off bloom?


Thank you! Turns out I should have read the whole post :slight_smile: Yet to do a full flight, but 10 minutes sitting at the gate and no flashes so I’m back to DX12 for now.

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No problem it was @D4EF1n4tOR who found the workaround. I have made a bug report for this, you can vote on it below if it affects you

Pimax 8kx, 9900k oc, 3080ti oc
Dx12 is still full of stuttering even with the new driver for me. In dx11 I can have a smooth experiencience but in dx12 is just the opposite. It’s embarrasing that Asobo and Microsoft together, after a year, are like this with dx12. I hope they can fix it “soon”.

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Apologies if this is a dumb question, but where in the VR settings do I enable DX12? I see it on the PC settings though. Does enabling it on the PC settings also enable it for VR?

PC side but it affects VR as well.

Awesome, thanks.

Same for me.
In VR, DX11 gives a much better experience.
DX12 stutters heavily even with the new drivers.
(5800X3D / 3090)

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@RebuffedBee9595 , same for me. I mainly fly the Kodiak and although the VR experience is much smoother with DLSS, fine writing is more blurry, which was already enough of a problem with TAA, I certainly didn’t need it worse!

Yes - you have to change it in PC settings for it to change in VR

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