New Nvidia Drivers: GeForce 511.23 WHQL 14/1/22 (CTD with HAGS enabled?)

Slight and Little are not indicating more than difference between sessions from day to day and has nothing to do with:


I was trying to find some information about the latest Nvidia drivers, from 446.14 to 461.40, and I came across this user doing a lot of benchmarks. I didn’t spend much time into all the details he is publishing but it might be interesting to some users:

@AlexE75 I might have wrongly express myself because when I read your comments I have a feeling you’re thinking I’m trying to arguing with you which I’m not. You rightfully corrected my wrong assertion about the security bulletin, for which I’ve amended the “recommended for VR” post, and I’m not here arguing about anything AGAINST you. I’m just saying there should be little changes for the Pascal architecture for a certain number of driver versions, because most efforts in the drivers are naturally drawn to supporting the new Turing, then Ampere architecture, and there are some commonality in the architecture for which any change benefits all these across the board, but most release notes are insisting on Ampere and Turing centric enhancements and bug corrections mostly for while now. This is why I believe (but only believe) there shouldn’t be as dramatic a change from 461.xx to 461.yy on Pascal, whereas it could be dramatic a change on Turing and Ampere. And this doesn’t preclude there is a change you can measure and notice on your hardware as well, I just think it shouldn’t be expected to show huge changes, which you agree on when qualifying it as “little” yet “noticeable”.

Oh, give me a break. You said that with a GTX1070 with a current driver (I can even predict the next one) I can’t see any difference because there are no more changes for the card. I’m sure the serious problems from your quotes exist, but I’m just writing here about my experience with the driver with my computer. I think I will end any further discussion with you. Yes, that is probably for the best.

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I can benchmark a thousand time using even the same NVidia drivers and I always, always have a different result, sometimes light, sometimes more pronounced. It depend to so many factors you can’t have something really stable even using the same tests protocols.
With my previous Pascal GPU I saw sometimes differences between drivers but it was very subtle, and re-running benchmark several times and result go the other way.
What we can be more sure, but you need also to tests lot of time, is more about the stability, smoothness of a driver versus another. v457.30 is without doubt the most recent smooth one after so many tests.


MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta


Latest …

DDU broke my Windows 10 boot (like many more, search fix DDU, apparently works 99% of the time, and 1% wrecks your boot drive).
If ‘repair boot fixes’ don’t work, have a backup of your System Boot, I Only restored the system reserved partition and Windows 10 came up again (after 2 days mucking around)

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therefore I never recommend these DDU ( and other tools ).

Nvidia installer should be enough. Yes… nvidia is bit hungry about data, but realy “who not”, we work with MS Windows :wink:


Magick, thanks for the warning about this issue, I am going to stop using DDU. Fortunately DDU has never caused a problem for me over the years. I am not going to link to it again as there does appear to be a high number of people having problems, allegedly after using this tool.

‘If in doubt, leave it out …’

BRGDS. Charles


No expert on graphics and drivers etc, just adding my finds;

Was using the 457.51 with very minimal problems (no GeForce Experience and standard clean install). Maybe 3 or 4 (random) CTD’s in 350hrs. Did have the camera bug though. Just felt like I should keep my drivers up to date for my other photography software so upgraded.

Installed 461.40 and had a full crash just as the MSFS loading screen started (I think as the sound comes on)…PC turned off completely!

Restarted PC and started MSFS again, didn’t change anything, all seems good since (about 2 hours in various flights). Do have a very, almost unnoticeable stutter, very rarely.

32Gb Ram 2666mhz
GeForce GTX1660 Super

The hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • [Ampere] Chrome/Edge may experience random TDR while browsing [3195894]
  • [G-SYNC][Edge of Eternity/Hitman 2]: The games experience stutter and low FPS when Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in windowed mode [200685971]
  • Wallpaper Engine app may crash on startup or upon resume from sleep. [3208963]
  • [461.40] LG CX OLED TVs (2020) are not recognized as G-SYNC Compatible displays [3244055]
  • [Surround][RTX 30 series] PC may display no signal message when enabling NVIDIA Surround [3230565]

On some Notebooks ‘Maximum Graphics Power’ information missing in NV Control Panel - System Information [200697069]

I have tried the new hot-fix driver 461.51, I did not use DDU to uninstall the previous version. Unfortunately MSI Afterburner, (Riva Tuner) is not working with this driver. See notification below. I may be forced to use DDU and see if that helps, if all else fails. I would be interested if anyone else has the same problem …


UPDATE: Re-booted twice and now it’s working!

Get Your FPS Boost here !

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I’m a little confused about this website because this sound like a good way to lure people into downloading a trojan on their computer to me.

The website is saying: Developer NVIDIA Officials

They are also offering download link to a NVidia Control Panel for Win10 whereas this is available from the Microsoft Store (official channel).

Why isn’t this downloadable from the NVidia web site then?

No official version and seems to be adapted for mining. I would keep my hands off nvidiainspector(.)com. See also here: guru3D Forums


a note: this is not since 461.51 and this error-casse happened in rare cases and can fixed with restart of Riva* ( or windows :wink: ).

But depend on version of MSI Afternburner ( and included RivaT ) there are since a while “similar” issues , which are not fixable with a restart :slight_smile:

on example I mentioned here:

We’ve used this Prog for Year’s. Carefully Scanned with no Issues.

I’ts very effective and we 'd be at a loss without it. Scan Scan and more Scan !

Thank’s for this ! We will Double Check this now .

Ok, its an Fork of ProfileInspector and seems legit from what i can tell…

It looks like an optimized version for “mining”???

This Guy is familiar to us and seem’s OK. Can we ask,… Mining What ? Personal Info perhap’s.

ps Should we Delete this Post ?

Hi Micha, Many thank’s for this. It took three re-boots if you include the re-start after installing the hot-fix driver. I did not use DDU, just the Windows uninstaller.

Keep safe! I have the dreaded COVID caught from the hospital where I work, (without any symptoms) ‘touch wood’. I have time now to play with MSFS 2020!. :smiley:



Probably for bitcoin mining.

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