NEW Nvidia Drivers: GeForce WHQL 516.94 - Nvidia has issued a security warning for it's GPU drivers on 4/8/2022)

I too get CTDs now with the driver.
Did a clean install, same as usual, but crashes occur. I hadn’t them for a while.

As seen on Nvidia forum

  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may crash to desktop during gameplay [3454519]
  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may intermittently display purple artifacts on the ground textures [3454530]


Thank you for posting this information, this is just terrible news!

As many people as possible should report this to Nvidia by using the Nvidia website.

I think everyone should avoid this driver, don’t bother downloading it for MSFS unless you want to experiment with the driver or think it will help in another game. Stick with one of these drivers, (below) but don’t download the 'skinny version of the 497.09 driver unless you need it for another game.

No doubt it will work for some people and I guess you might think it’s worth trying this driver considering that fact.

Here are the blue, (purple) dot’s or squares that people are reporting. This report below comes from Guru3D…

They look like missing textures to me ? More information about where this is happening and the hardware being used, (GPU) etc. is really needed to help diagnose this one. Default or add-on scenery? Are the same textures affected or are only random textures affected?
Are Google Earth textures being used?


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Yes, that setting is completely unnecessary and is mostly useful for benchmarking…or when we’re trying to catch up to Steve by switching from liquid nitrogen to liquid oxygen cooling…

When I watch a video, if it happens that I hear that, I just leave the same moment.

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Im on 496.76, didn’t install the latest one due to the failure reports, but…
Under 96.76 my 3080 runs up to 1995 mhz currently. With the driver before it was 1960 mhz. Had some CTDs in the last days… so I guess it doesn’t help the stability. 1960 mhz was rock stable.

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Here is the very latest MSI Afterburner…

PLEASE PARTICIPATE in this poll with regard to problems with the 497.09 driver. This could help with further development with the driver and the simulator…


For those who still wish to dry this driver, here is the cleaned up version, (bloatware removed)…

I’m using the new 497.09 driver for VR., upgrading from 496.76. I can say that I am impressed with it and have had a 2-3 FPS increase and performance is smoother. For me it is the best driver for VR yet (3080 + HP G2).



That’s really great news, it’s worth people trying this driver.

FYI, this video states that this 497.09 driver is the best so far for VR on the Quest2!
VR Flight Sim Guy appears very enthusiastic about it…

There are a few user VR tips in this video too.


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Hello, made the latest Nvidia Geforce driver update (497.09) and it causes issues with my Microsoft Flight Simulator, crashing to desktop (CTD) and blue patches where ground terrain textures has to be !!!
Hope they fix this, impossible to play!



Yes we know about the issues with this driver. There is a poll in this forum and a dedicated thread about the issues people are finding with this driver.

You can report your issues to Nvidia from this link…

Try this driver, 496.98…


Yup agreed. I’ve got a 3080 running my G2 and its definitely smoother and less stuttery. I had the blue textures on the ground issue though and did get a CTD.

Here is the development driver 510. 10 (Win 11), just for your information. I personally would wait for the official release but you can follow from the link below…


I’m a big fan of Afterburner but always get mine from the MSI website as I then know who to blame :grin:
Afterburner (


I had much issues the last month with the sim. i use a RTX3080 - please look what hapend here. Please give me a hint about what i can do, i have been using serval hours to try to solve this

Enable V-Sync, looks like vertical synchronisation is off.

Also enable G-Sync in the control panel

Eklester, I agree.

I have my V-Sync set to ‘Fast’ in the Nvidia Control Panel and ‘Off’ within the simulator options, I find this is the best set-up for me. SneakyRiver334 could try that too.


That same thing happened to me last night for the first time ever during a 75 minute flight. RTX 3070 8GB running 496.79. Very, very weird. I run VSync OFF in the sim, with a 1440p G-Sync 1440p monitor. G-Synch was active in the NCP and verified per my monitor’s OSD status info. At the time, I was getting 80+ fps (monitor is capable of up to 165 fps).

The effect started about 45 minutes into the flight and continued to the end. Afterwards, I exited to the menu, spawned another flight and the visual glitch remained.

I quit the sim, played a bunch of Halo Infinite at 100+ fps with no visual glitches, then restarted MSFS. The weird visuals were gone with the restart.

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i uninstalled old drivers, and i installed the latest one, with out exsperience. (link is borowed from above post :

i used the one The aviato3506 posted above here. And it works as charm now.

And Vsynk should be on


as well i done 2x 6 hr flights, they was perfectly done, no issues.

And now i do a Ultralonghaul from Svalbard down to South pole, the yellowplane is my :slight_smile: