New Oculus Beta Software

Yes, there is a new update. But I don’t know what new it brings.

Yes that is the newest one. Has anybody tried out yet ?

I have it from few days ago. Nothing new, I didn’t notice any changes, still smooth for me, and same GPU usage so fps value. They didn’t break it for my CV1 :wink:

Q2 Users may see changes as it bring as experimental some stuffs like 120Hz for managed application (none existing) and the Wifi Link called Air Link which avoid use of Virtual Desktop on certain condition (distance and type of router).

I don’t know if it fixed the 72Hz locked problem for Q2.

Mine was stuck at 72hz after update too

But after a couple of windows updates last night -fixed it , 90hz again

Try pressing check for updates in windows settings

Roll on 120hz !

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i have this 28 update on the windows app but the headset is still on 27

does anybody have the 28 on the headset ?

That’s the one enabling WiFi VR streaming and several other news…

…not yet. Should come soon.

I have for a while.

That is the newest version out

you have it on both desktop and headset ?

Yes, without and with brackets, just now.

good, still waiting here !

So, I have v28 on the desktop app and v27 in the HMD and all I have to do is wait for the headset to update - and this could be days? Seems silly no? Why wouldn’t the headset update as soon as v28 was loaded into the desktop app? *He puts fingers in ears to block the flood of “Because it’s the Oculus way, that’s why ■■■■■!”

So really nothing I have to set on the headset to enable v28?

EDIT: Full disclosure - the forum “blocked out” my use of the word d_ _ _ _y (aka not smart person or a person who is filled with dumbness). Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’d unleashed a swear word :wink:

You may not like it, but it’s done this way for a reason. It’s to prevent the possibility of an unforeseen issue causing problems with thousands of headsets all at once. This sort of thing is becoming fairly standard in the tech world.

If you really want the v28 firmware now, you can find it on Reddit and sideload it via ADB. If you don’t know what those words mean, then don’t attempt it or you may end up with a Quest that doesn’t work anymore.

Hi!. DO you have the “AIR LINK” option now in the settings ? Have same version, 120hz is there, but still no AIR LINK available.


According Oculus official forum nobody have it right now. Oculus need to switch it ON on their side when it will be ready.

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Ah… ok. Then we just have to wait to see then :).

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To be complete, here last statement:
Note: Air Link is part of v28 but it requires that both your headset and PC be running v28 software. That means we’ll be unlocking Air Link once both Quest and PC v28 releases are rolled out, which will happen soon - but you won’t see Air Link just yet, so stay tuned.

I watch this new version intensively as I’m really near to push the trigger and upgrade from my rift CV1. I meet the required stuffs for Air Link (modem 5G really near, Ethernet between modem and PC, etc.) and If I can deal also with my 67 IPD and glasses, I’ll be really happy ;).


Can you link to that post here ?. I also meet the requirements on my end, and both Software and Headset is on v28… so now just waiting game here :slight_smile:


I have just this afternoon got an official push from oculus for v28 on the headset. V28 on PC as well.

Most notable for me re msfs and oculink is I now have 2.7gbs in the link up from the 1.5gbs I had on the previous versions

If you have a 3070 and OQ2 I will provide a guide for my settings In the next day or so that should help with a mix of sharpness in the distance and up close in the cockpit and frames above 30 in most areas aside from London and New York.

Sure, on the release note on top: