New Official Video - Asia and Middle East


Interesting. Is that aimed at quickly getting sales there, before the people there learn English, visit this forum and find out that there some minor bugs and problems including downloading :shushing_face:

No it’s just part of their on-going serie.

I see, part of an on-going hype and on-going marketing aimed at on-going sales. Understood loud and clear.


Honestly has anyone been able to get those draw distances ?

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You seriously overestimate the relevance of a vocal minority on niche forums.

The general feedback about this game is extremely positive, and a few angry dudes in a forum that don’t realize the complexity of a product like this and that it has launched in a better place than any other commercial flight simulator at release in the past three decades aren’t as relevant to public opinion as you believe.

It’s a drop in the ocean compared to 93 Metacritic.


I do not overestimate the relevance of a vocal minority on niche forums because I believe they have very little relevance. You unfortunately jumped the gun. Try reading all my other posts, see where I belong and especially notice my humour. I can also not be one of those few angry dudes, definitely not since I became a grandmother. I am also entitled to have the opinion that a little more of the sales revenue MS has already got could be put into the development side NOW. Excessive brand loyalty can exist on both sides IMO. Please read with humour, lets not take live too seriously. Kind regards

You can’t exactly expect people to imagine humor when no indication of such exists.

Incidentally, any experience in development would tell you that money only goes so far in game development, which also includes addressing issues. You actually need people to solve them, and you can only throw so many developers at a problem before they become redundant.

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You appear to have overlooked my ‘excessive brand loyalty can exist’. It is not necessary for forum members who love MSFS (I am one of them) to have the urge to see an attack of this sim in every post.
Otherwise let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that.

You get the metascore because it fits your narrative…take a look at the users score (7.1) or at the reviews in steam (71% positive) and keep repeating the feedback is “extremely positive”. You like it a lot, that’s great, but some people doesn’t and I don’t see any good reason to dismiss criticism labelling it as a “drop in the ocean”.

Great video. One day this amazing sim is really going to look like that. :grin:

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LOL. Metacritic’s user reviews are as relevant as YouTube or reddit comments.

Do actually try to read some if you’re keen on murdering a few thousands of your braincells. If you did, you wouldn’t be so keen on using them as a (weak) argument.

The fact that MSFS has been extremely well-received is indeed just a fact.

Nah, if you tell me they are not worthy I will trust you but I see a pattern, metacritic users = worthless, steam users = worthless, this forums users = worthless…maybe you are cherry picking opinions.

As far as argument weakness…you are the one stating that the reception is “extremely positive” based on “93 score metacritic”.Not saying it has been bad received but…saying that reception has been extremely positive is an exaggeration.