New Package Manager

Hi Everyone,
I’ve taken the time to code a small application that will make it a lot easier to install Community content into the sim.

It should work with most of the .zip .rar or .7z files you can download from the various FlightSim File Library sites.
No need to unzip, no need to install 7zip, winrar or winzip.
You can just drag your downloaded zip (7z,.rar,.zip) files into the application and with a single click it will install it in the correct location on your system. (provided the zip file has the correct structure)

It can also be used to manage already installed Community Content, by giving you an overview of all the packages and allowing you to select one to see more details like Size On Disk or Remove it completely.

The app is available for free, contains no ads and doesn’t send any usage information to anyone.

It can be downloaded for free at RWY29 – Software & Addons for MSFS

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