New “Packages out of date” pop-up 6/1/2021

I just got the packages are out of date message pop up again. This time I said NO!

Anyone else get this today?

Mine just launched normally - no issue here.

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Got it again…
And, I noticed that for some reason the Online data option had been turned off all by itself. Weird. Got the pop-up after I turned General->Data-> Online Functionality back to ON.
*EDIT – I had to say YES to the pop-up in order to use Online Functionality. Otherwise, it forces it back off if I say NO.

Since the latest update I have more stuttering. I tried disconnecting the internet and that did not help. When I reconnected I got the packages warning. Saying yes takes me another xbox login which I do. Funny thing is FS2020 reloads and works so much better that is now become part of my startup routine. Will we ever figure this thing out? :anguished:

Thats because you are offline, i mean, signed out ofxbox live. Click yes and sign back in.


Yeah, that was basically it. I just don’t know why it signed me out in the first place. Never had that happen before.

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I closed this topic, because the creator found a solution for his issue, so there’s no need to continue the troubleshooting.

The topic will remain visible in order to keep it accessible via the search function.

Thank you.