New patch stuffs up the mouse in VR, always stays on and in your view

Anyone else with this issue, since the small patch today the mouse in VR will not disappear in the cockpit or in outside views, in the cockpit it sits right in front of you and moves with your head left and right, up and down, its very distracting and breaks immersion

You can move it to interact with a button of control but after that when you look straight up again or start moving your head around the mouse comes back to your view centre and jumps around with you as you move your head, it never disappears when not in use as it did prior to the patch.

Its such a shame this has happened VR was outstanding but it so immersion breaking and annoying im giving up until I can find a fix or its fixed.

Haven’t found this. If anything sometimes I cannot get jt to show up. But it always disappears after a few seconds

My only way now to get rid of the mouse of my screen is by using the middle mouse key to hide it :frowning: it never disappears now on its own.

Yes, I agree. It’s very irritating.

I only noticed this last night and have been looking at ways to get rid of it so far without success.


I will try this :slightly_smiling_face:

I have sorted my issues out, my Jetseat vibration through my flightsim rig was keeping the mouse alive so it wouldn’t hide.