New payware product - Approaches Italy - reviews?

Hi, anyone seen or tried this product?

I’m curious as to how this integrates in the game - does this create new activities somehow?

I’m not affiliated with this in any way, so not advertising.


Interesting. Never tried it so can’t comment, and I like the fact that they claim to include +300 navigation charts although they don’t say if they are IFR and VFR charts. It’s tough to find free, official and up-to-date VFR charts for any country other than USA right now. Description doesn’t say if the software will evaluate your performance like how OnAir does.

Skyvector might be great for IFR (low and high alt) for many countries, but if you want VFR charts out of it, just stick to USA as its VFR coverage for anywhere outside the USA is very poor and look nothing like their real-life counterparts. I’m waiting for Charts+ and will see how useful it is, and Navigraph announced VFR charts for the whole world so…

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Yeah I find this to be a big issue for those who don’t have access to world wide charts that are with the current airac. While I personally have up to date charts, and it does look neat, I think I’ll wait on other reviews before checking this out.

SkyVector? But I don’t know how up to date that is for outside USA, but that’s the only place I’ve seen VFR charts

For charts there are diffent (Payware) subscriptions like Navigraph or Aerosoft, id recommend Navigraph cause Aerosoft only includes the Lufthansa LIDO charts, so you will only get chart for Airports used by Lufthansa. Navigraph is more complete and has a better App.

Interesting. Very few detail about what we are getting though. Is it just a folder with .PLN flight plan files, and 300 PDFs? Or is there an in game menu. Or, an external interface that displays the charts and that slew the aircraft to start position.

About charts, are those created by them? Or are they simply repacking free Jeppessen charts? In that case selling those might not be legal at all.

I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but this part is quite misleading;

  • Fleet . Product also includes a complete set of planes:
    – Airbus A320 Neo Poste Italiane
    – TBM 930 Reg. N694PB
    – Cessna Grand Caravan FedEx
    – Cessna 172SP g1000 Perfect Flight

They are just giving liveries, not aircraft addons :slight_smile:

Lastly, I’d be triple cautious about a product, that has the statement “(No refunds given)” in its product description :wink:

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Fun fact: The official airline of Poste Italiane was founded by the famous actor Carlo Pedersoli (AKA Bud Spencer)

However I’m curious to know how this product integrates with the simulator

Agreed, these are all my questions. On the face of it it would be great if it was fully integrated into the activities menu etc. Also it doesn’t seem obvious how you could access the charts in game, and you’re right the liveries bit is very misleading.

It would be great to hear from anyone who has bought it, but they are probably in the same boat as the rest of us and waiting to see a review from someone who’s bought it!

It’s only $18 and it’s great, Charts are even provided for those how don’t have a Navigraph subscription (I use navigraph and FS Flight control). Very easy to install. Lots of (new) fun.

Great, thanks for that. Are the activities integrated into the menu, or are they PLN files that you load into the sim? How do you access the charts - can that be done in game or are they standalone files? Many thanks

Not much info than what’s already in the product page :slight_smile: Im sure people would appreciate a tad more detailed info for a product that has “(No refunds given)” policy…

How about making a youtube video showing how to install, how to use it etc.

I feel like my first guess of, just few folders full with .PLN flight plan files (which takes few minutes each to setup and save), some liveries (that can be downloaded from MSFS addon site for free), and free jeppessen chart PDFs (google ICAO.pdf, right click and save), is on point.

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PLNs which you load into the SIM. Standalone files.

OK thanks. What about the charts? Standalone PDFs?

The description says it all. I personally do not use this SIM as a Scenery simulator (although that’s nice) but I love creating VFR/Low and High altitude flight plan using Navigraph and FS Flight control. I love it when I can get payware PLNs and study them.

Thanks for your help. Glad you enjoy this, but not for me I’m afraid. You saved me £15, so thank you!

No they are not. When the program installs it create a short cut on your desktop for that, to a browser file. It then displays all the airports. Click on the airports and you will be taken to the charts. For $18 don’t expect quality (resolution) because they are JPG files (plenty of them though). I use Navigraph so personally I don’t use them. PS: you got FLT and PLN. Both working just fine for me.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Wow, 15 pounds ! That’s expensive for you over there if I compare it o dollars $18 and
cheapest for our Euro friends (E 15)

I actually can’t find a GBP price, but we are usually the same as Euros given the current exchange rate

Are you the developer?