New PC build for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The question is not if I can afford it but rather, is it reasonable? What is an absolute no-go for me is buying mid-range parts and then in 3 years needing to upgrade again. I remember back when purchasing the 1070 what an enormously powerful GPU it is, but not so long ago it already became the minimum requirement for some games.
Also ray tracing performance is important as some games I own (including CP 2077) support it.

Read my edit … I’d say the 90 only if you intend on 8k or multi multi monitor

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Ok. Thanks. I’ve been kind of doiing this already but lower altitude and fast. I should add that the most significant issue is when I switch camera views both inside and outside the cockpit. Massive spike of dark purple on the counter and hard stutters.

When I do this, will the changes in main thread and GPU show up while paused or will I need to restart?

Lastly, Ray Tracing… what is it? I’m reading that these higher end cards use it and it can cause performance issues. In videos I’ve watched many games have an in game graphics menu setting to turn it on or off but MSFS doesn’t seem to have it as an option in the graphics menu.

It’s not an option in MSFS yet. Apparently it will be one day. Not sure if it’ll be a huge benefit in this kind of world.

Basically it’s a different way of rendering and lighting a scene. Very heavy on computation hence needing a good specialised processor to do it. It actually functions more like light does for real. Each “photon” (line/ray) is calculated individually from the light source(s) in the scene and when it hits a surface, depending on the material it hits, it can behave in different ways. Scatter/bounce/absorb. And if it bounces, then it “traces” that bounce until it hits another object/material.

End result is potentially much more realistic surface shading as you would expect to see in the real world.

However in MSFS the lighting is already pretty awesome from the distance we view. It might help with reflections on buildings etc but the objects will need to support it so I hope they can get that globally done (photogrammetry / 3rd party scenery) otherwise it could end up looking worse with a mixture of great and crud!

Have a look on YouTube for some comparison videos of Ray Tracing on Vs off on Cyberpunk 2077 for example. It can look amazing if it’s designed to work that way. We’ll see!

Regarding the Feb Launch date, briefly published a launch date for the Ryzen 7000X3D Series Desktop processors; however, that date is incorrect. We have not confirmed a launch date at this time.

Looks like classic guerilla marketing. Running interference on the 13900KS launch.


Some news on the 7800X3D vs 79x0X3D front:

AMD is telling Toms hardware that they are working with MS on a whitelist based approach to scheduling games in their upcoming high end hybrid CPUs. Game A is cache intensive, it will be pinned to the 3D Vcache CCX. Game B is not, it will be pinned to the higher clock CCX.

Translation in layman terms: 7800X3D will most likely be the best pick for MSFS at launch. Unless of course, Asobo is already in the loop on fine tuning the scheduler for MSFS. It would be nice, I highly doubt it though, given the timelines. But it also means fine tuning could happen, eventually.

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