New PC Update - (August 19, 2022)

Hello Beta Testers,

A new beta build will soon be available for PC only (both MS One Store and Steam users). The focus of this build is to improve performance for DX11 as we hope the results will be in line with earlier beta builds. A survey is available here for those testing performance on DX11. We encourage you to complete it and provide any details if you are not experiencing an improvement to your DX11 performance.

Our team is still hard at work regarding memory management on Xbox, which we believe is a contributing factor to some poor stability we are seeing on the platform. We will provide an update next week as soon as we know more.

As per the discussion in yesterday’s Developer Q&A, we are also working with NVIDIA on driver related issues affecting DX12 memory optimizations, and will re-enable those changes once a fix is in place. We thank you for your patience as well as your feedback these past few weeks.