New pc where is msfs.exe to install it? (DVD Version)

I have a new PC and install the 10 dvd of msfs (93,6 Go )they are here. C/users/cloclo/APPDATA>local>msfspackages>official>one store. could you help
Thanks. Cloclo

Hi @cloclo326,
Are you planning on copying the files from one PC to the other?

If so, on the new PC, start the install as a new normal install. Let it download one file then abort the installation (you can end task). This will setup all the directory structures and pointers as needed.

Copy the contents of “msfspackages” (official & community) and paste that on the new PC location - in the “msfspackages” folder. Then relaunch MSFS, it will detect that the files are there and only download if an update is needed for them.

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