New performance update today?

i was on and having reasonably OK performance. Tonight when i started the sim, the checking updates page came up with a performance update and downloaded about 50mb patch and i’m now still on

any ideas why ? , anyone else had it ?

Here’s your answer :grinning:

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No performance update, lost my flight log and camera settings… Guess I didn’t need a record of my +425 hrs spent on this sim. Very disappointed, don’t want anymore like this one.

I had the update too. It was around 60 Mb. Settings turned to default also.

Happend to me too, even though i had it already!
Something is very wrong with the sim…

Yep. Same here. Hours reset to zero.

All UI bindings seem intact, but my local airport is now abandoned. I’m the only survivor!


Hi, I got the small updates to content, but no other update. My sim still shows

Is yours still showing .16?

It was just some liveries for one plane.

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Since today, camera settings turned to default, log book and hours reset to zero too… very annoying :frowning:

Don’t think there has been, or will be, an actual update. But something has happened somewhere judging by the number of people reporting things like loss of logbook, settings reverting to default and server connectivity being switched off and I can’t believe three simple scenery updates had anything to do with it.

More likely something to do with a server glitch - sure I read somewhere that there is a new data centre/server about to be brought online and maybe something to do with that. As many settings are backed up “in the cloud” could have caused a conflict?

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