New Performance with Patch is Lower?

Guys. I just played some FS2020 this morning and my performance decreased after downloading the latest patch.

Before, at 1440p Ultra I was getting around 40+ fps at San Francisco airport area. Now it’s like 25 fps and my GPU is 50% vs 95% (at least when viewing the plane from the outside).

Anyone else experiencing issues with FS2020 after the patch?

Ram usage increased from around 18GB to 22GB in this area too.

Also, my Premium Deluxe content disappeared.

Sager NP9176 Laptop (Clevo P775TM1-G)

  • Intel i9 9900k stock 3.6Ghz turbo around 4.1Ghz
  • Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB
  • Kingston 64GB 2400mhz DDR4 RAM
  • Game is on the 1TB Samsung EVO 970 Plus m.2 drive, load times are a breeze.
  • HP Omen 27i 1440p Monitor 165Hz G-Sync

Here’s another odd thing. When I set my spot flight up, say, in the air, and start. Before selecting “Ready to Fly” it is at 97+ % GPU usage. Seattle city center is like 50-68 FPS in 2.5k at Ultra with the Savage Cub. But as soon as I hit “Ready to Fly”… GPU usage plummets to 50% or below…


Sounds all too " Microsoft " doesn’t it ?

Every Windows 10 update for 3 years has broken stuff.

This is already sounding familiar.

Every update for the next 10 years is gonna bust stuff.

There are lots of complaints everywhere about this. And guess what ? Yes… you cannot play with updating it.

I wonder how many of the “million players”, they bragged off about yesterday, will still be active users by next year ?

Not looking good.

So I was running older NVIDIA drivers but decided to install them prior to the update. I noticed a decrease in performance, I wasn’t sure if it was the update, the drivers or both. So I reverted back to the drivers from early July which are drivers that have worked best for me (9900, 2080) and FPS jumped. Not a huge jump, around 5fps sitting at KSEA and KLAX but it felt smoother.

Ya, I was kind of bumbed it forced me to update it. I was hoping it would give you the choice. I didn’t have any of the issues other people having and none of the fixes were stuff I cared about or needed. On the up side updating it didn’t have any effect on me one way or another. Didn’t break anything, but it really didn’t help anything that I could tell either.

Hi, I’ve got the same problem… My pc is old and I run in medium, 2 days ago, 35 fps and now 5 fps with processor at 100% and graphics at 55… 5 minutes ago I just turn on my second screen and I got 35 fps now… I need to test more

Not personally noticed a drop in performance with the new patch.

However, today, I reinstalled my old nvidia driver 442.59 having recently updated to 452.06 and got an extra 5 fps on average. My GPU is 2070 Super and Windows version is 1909.

I posted about this yesterday. I have a 2080 and reverted back to older drivers and got a performance bump.

Cheers. Nice to know I’m not the only one to have a performance boost :relaxed: