New pilot needs some help with controls, and one other issue

Hey y 'all, I let the game install while I was at work, and when I got home I restarted, everything came up nice, set up my graphics, sounds blah blah, BUT when I try to set my controls nothing happens for ANYTHING but my joystick.

The game detects my HOTAS Warthog but won’t let me set any of my own settings? For instance, when I try to set my landing gear to a button on my throttle nothing happens, or when I try to set my breaks to my peddles, nothing happens.

It’s like they are being detected but…not being detected. ALL I can use is the basic setting that the sim decided I need to use.

ALSO, what on EARTH is the setting to set the direction hat to make it let me look around? I can’t find which setting to use for the life of me.

The menus are extremely confusing.

AND I also have an issue with taking off, it says to press Ctrl+NumDel to release the break, but when I do nothing happens, I feel the throwback like I’m taking off, I can see my air speed advancing, I can see my altitude going up…BUT I’M NOT MOVING, I’M STILL ON THE RUNWAY!!

No seriously, am I being filmed?? Is this American funniest videos? LOL

I know it’s a “new” sim, BUT it IS a “flight” SIMULATOR, and as with ANY TOP of the LINE flight simulator 2 things that should happen here, one of the best made joysticks in the world MUST work without issues, and the airplanes MUST take off!!


All kidding aside ,please help me…

I fly Xplane 11 NO problems, P3Dv5 NO problems, DCS simulator, IL2 Simulator…and the joysticks work and work extremely well.


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Your view commands while in the cockpit are Cockpit Quickview if you want the view to snap back to center or Cockpit Look to smooth pan. Set each view direction (left right up down) to the corresponding direction on your hat. And make sure to clear any existing bindings (it will let you double bind!). Rick

Try turning numlock on using that key
Light on keyboard should illuminate
Then turn off brakes using the keys sim instructs…

The basic steps for binding are to first select the Controller. Next find and select the MSFS command you want to bind. Make sure to set the filter to ALL and use the Search. Click the “Select an Input” box and click or move the control input. Then click “Validate”. Save your settings to a new Profile for that Control (you can’t change the default). Hope this helps.

Did you try and make a new profile (+ at bottom of control screen)?

I’ve got the same HOTAS plus typical rudders, keyboard and mouse and have set mine up several times, so it will work. I’d be glad to help you work through the setup.
As far as the takeoff issue you mentioned, it sort of sounds like you may have hit something that put you into “active pause” (rather than the normal pause you get when you hit ESC.
Bit hard to do away from sim at the moment, but to make sure we’re on the same page, can you see all of your devices at the top of the controls page? Once you select a device (throttle For example), have you selected “all” for controls (as opposed to assigned or essential). Note that you can also search your control setting by button/switch etc. using that, you can hit a button and it will tell you what it’s assigned to. If you want to work on it let me know, and I’ll get some screenshots to show what I’m trying to say. It’s a bit of a funky UI for setting up controls, but one you see the process, it’s just a matter of finding the right options to select. There are some pitfalls to learn (yaw left/right vs yaw axis). We’ll get you set up!! Regards.

Hey thanks for all the input y’all, yeah I am looking for that smooth pan, it doesn’t need to snap back or anything so I’ll try that fhcraig, thanks man!!

Also, I haven’t tried creating a new profile for the controls yet, should I do that first?

Also, my NumLock is lit, like I said, I can feel the breaks disengage but the aircraft does not move but all the dials show the aircraft is moving, very strange. Maybe because I have it set to ultra??

thanks y’all, VERY helpful stuff here.

Hey Habu, I THINK I see what you’re saying, I DO see all of my devices, and I’m thinking that my problem might be not having the setting to “All”.

Let me go in and check I’ll report back!!

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Yeah, don’t worry, the joysticks work and work well. You need to set up Cockpit look AND remove the bindings for quick look.

Spend a little time in the control setup and then you’ll be golden. It takes a bit to get started, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it (as with everything else in life haha )

If you get stuck let us know, I’ll post some screenshots to help you.

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Yep, As I was initially only going to fly small GA aircraft, I went and created a new profile for all my controllers. Named them Throttle GA, Stick GA and Rudder GA . I then went ahead and assigned the appropriate controls.

As I get a bit more into the sim, I’m going to create more profiles that will be associated with the larger aircraft.

OK!! I think I have it now!! I see what y’all are saying about the sim letting you bind 2 (or multiple) things to one button, once I got my hat switch cleared and then set the 4 basic views it now WORKS just like I wanted!!

I think the issue with me not being able to set some buttons is cleared up too, NOW that I am sure all of my devices are being detected I guess I’m just going to have to spend some time in those menus. IT IS confusing, but once you get the hang of it…

Also, I think I’m getting the entire sim menu layout now, ALSO once I got my peddles straightened out (breaks and so forth) I was able to take off and fly finally!!


thanks y’all!! Problems solved!!

annnnd now it’s time to go to sleep, work tomorrow… bah humbug!!

Cool! It’s amazing fun once you get past the initial tedium of setting up controls.

Good news is that profiles are saved on the cloud, so you won’t lose them in case your machine crashes, you reinstall, etc. Do it once, and you’re set for years.