New Plane announcement - Junkers Ju 52

Dammit - was hoping…

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Yes exactly. Long live the Viking Kittens.

End of this month: September 28 (new announcement).

Technically, they said “a few weeks” which in my book is potentially more than a “couple” of weeks. Cue another furore on 23 September when it doesn’t appear and those that don’t read things closely begin threatening legal action.

Cam you show me a source?

Here ya go


Is this going to be a freebie when released? I doubt it. I’m waiting for helicopters.

Why would this be a freebie? No, it’s cheap though, only $15 US.

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**It will/may be cheap - let’s not count chickens before they hatch…

I am actually more curious what Neofly will charge me to add it to my hanger and put it online as a freight hauler :smiley:

As it’s an in-game market place aircraft, it will be DRM protected, like the deluxe and premium deluxe aircraft. It will likely be hard to mod.

Sure but I was only talking about liveries and interior colour changes (latter less easy but doable even on encrypted aircraft… eg Cockpit Livery Mooney Ovation Black / Creme » Microsoft Flight Simulator )


You are absolutely correct. Unless we paid for completion/delivery by a specified date, the reason for delay is not our ‘need to know’.


I’d like that. I remember as a small child seeing the Graf and Hindenburg floating over NYC. Yes, I am that old. :joy:
(also Autogyros)


Asobo would be far better keeping these things a secret until they are happy with them and ready to ship and then springing them on the community unannounced. The new style flight sim community has too many demanding entitled individuals for pre-release marketing to create anything other than grief.


There was some discussion at one point:

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Thanks for posting the bolivian JU-52 “Chorolque”, that plane was piloted by my great uncle Jorge Wilstermann until he and 12 other occupants died in that very plane in an unfortunate accident in 1936 due to bad weather, he was only 25 and the first commercial pilot in Bolivia (SLCB airport bears his name).
Whenever this plane is out for MSFS I’d be happy to make the Chorolque livery for it and post it for free, you know, as a tiny tribute to my great uncle.


Ok, so TOMORROW will be BIG date for Tante JU and US ! :- ))))) !!!

Id like to know the hour… :pray:t5:


I am really hyped for this plane, it was releasing tomorrow right? I think I am gonna spend as much time in this as I have in the DC-6


I dunno much about planes, but in preparation for tomorrow, i found a pretty good documentary about the Ju-52 that provides a nice overview of the history of the plane: Wings of the Luftwaffe: Ju-52