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Since the release of the new MS Flight simulator, we are amazed by the visuals it provides. Taking screenshots with never before seen visuals makes this simulator so stunning. We saw amazing screenshots provided by the community shared across forums, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. We think a lot of them are like art, they show the world, the environment and the aviation spirit we love so much. We did not find any good and easy tools to share screenshots and flights. We believe that sharing the beauty of flight simulation in imagery and simulated flights should be as simple as it gets!

By the way, who are we? We are four flight simmmers, real world pilots, aviation enthusiasts and professional software developers ;-).

So, you also thought that sharing screenshots and flights is complicated right now and there are no tools? I got good news for you: We are working on a new free tool and platform from scratch, that will allow you to:

  • Take and upload geotagged screenshots with one key/joystick button press
  • Record each and any flight with one key/joystick button press
  • Share your screenshots and flights
  • Find screenshots through an intelligent search function
  • Connect with other pilots and see what screenshots and flight they uploaded

We really want the community to enjoy this great hobby, even more, using our platform. Therefore, we need you, the community:

Right now, we are in the phase of closed beta testing, so we accept applications, on our website.

We are also looking for creative minds who can master JavaScript, React and Node js. If you are interested, just get in touch at

Now to our project:

The first step is to simplify the making of screenshots and saving them. There is a client for this, which you install on your computer and which enables you to create a screenshot and upload it to your database with pressing only one key on your keyboard.

This will then be saved in your personal gallery on our network.

The screenshots are automatically provided with parameters. That means, you and of course your friends too, see where this screenshot was taken. You can also see other information such as the aircraft, speed, altitude, weather, etc. The intelligent search function enables you to search, filter and sort all screenshots.

Connect you with others and have a great overview of your friends and their activities.

Comment, rate and like pictures from other users. Go to the map to see where this screenshot was taken.

On our “Global Gallery” you can find the best, newest and most exciting screenshots from other users. This will inspire you and connect you with other flight simulator enthusiast.

We would be very happy to receive feedback regarding our project and whether you would like something like this. We are also looking for beta testers who can take a closer look at our project.

Sincerely your
Connected Pilots Team.


Nice lovely idea. Will try it out in the next days.

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