New Products From Honeycomb

They have been talking about them for quite sometime but looks like they are getting closer to launching their new flight sticks (which are XBOX compatible) as well as some other products.

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Shucks - I just ordered and expecting delivery of the current Alpha next week - :slightly_frowning_face: Hall sensors and the flat top for a keyboard would be nice.

Also ordered the Bravo - expected to ship end of this month.

I think you’ll do just fine with the Alpha and Bravo, absolutely love mine and with no dates in site for the new products, you may get allot of hours on the new gear before even being able to place an order on this stuff.

But cool to see none the less.

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Still think the alpha is a better bet and value still… Just got mine yesterday and the sensitivity and quality is more than acceptable for the price… Not sure an additional £xx for better sensors, but fewer switches and a flat top makes it all that much better? Also, there are several mods yoy can buy off stuff like thingiverse to give it a flat top of keyboards and other attachments.

Idk, I still think the alpha and bravo will be their best sellers for some time to come…

Edit: actually I think the new alpha has the same switches… Just better sensors, probably not worth selling your old alpha to upgrade still though!

I think they could have saved some space if the gear lever didn’t have such long travel on it.

Considering the backlog of products (my Bravo has been on order since last October) I am not hopeful that any of this will see the light of day anytime soon. The pedals were suppose to be out but that seems to be on hold as well. Nice company but lots of problems with component shortages and transportation to the US.

Hard to imagine new products actually making it into the market for the general public when we can’t even get our hands on many items that have been in production for years, due to the lack of component availability. But on the other hand it is always good for the hobby to see new product and especially when incorporating new technology.

I just got an email from that they have the Bravo in stock but that they will go quickly…

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I’m really looking forward to the Charlie pedals. My Thrustmaster ones are old and tired. I absolutely hate spending the kind of money I spent on my setup ($300 can go a long ways for me) but man, I love my Alpha and my Bravo both. So much better than the Saitek stuff I had before, especially as someone who uses the sim for real life training practice. And I’ve just discovered the mods for both that extend them even further than they are. I’m not sure I would upgrade to anything new, but I’ve been waiting a long time for the Charlies to come out. I hope it’s soon (and I hope I’ll be able to actually have them in my possession).

Edit, side question: What are some recommended “addons” for the Honeycomb stuff? The one store I found on etsy is offline for now, but I really want the xbox controller holder and maybe the GA trim wheel attachment. I just really like to hear what people have and what they would recommend because others are more in-the-know than I am and I find out about stuff much too late. Anything to save space or make things as mouse-less as possible

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I am in a similar position with regards to the Charlies.

I bought a set of CH and they are fine and work perfectly well, just something within my OCD that want’s the Charlies to match the Alpha and Bravo in terms of look, feel and quality.

As for accessories.

I have the touch brackets mounted from Stay Level Avionix which mount to the top of the Alpha and Bravo so I can mount 2 15.6’ touch pannels that I use for Air Manager gauges, maps, etc… also has a spot for a Knobster which I’ve sttached.

The bracket is nice, and I did look at it also but another forum member @Crunchmeister71 came up with a velcro solution shown here

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After 9 months of using my setup like this, I still think it’s awesome and wouldn’t have it any other way. Although now I don’t use the Xbox controller as frequently since I got the TrackIR. I still have all my camera view hotkeys and drone control on it, so there’s that.

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The only downside to this, is FS doesn’t support touch screens. I really want to have the PMS750 on my iPad or iPhone and use that with touch functionality but it doesn’t work, at all. Once Asobo (if they ever) allow for touch integration this would be a GREAT investment, or something similar. Until then, I’m resolved to use the mouse for touch functions :frowning:

I… I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

For touch, I use Air Manager which integrates and it works just fine.

I was under the impression from others that the PMS750 could not work on touch, even with Air Manager. Have I been given wrong information?

Sorry, you could be right on that, I thought you meant it just didn’t work in general. I’m only using it so far on the 152/172.

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Looks like there’s 0 news on the Xbox Hub since this announcement… Kind of weird (lack) communication.

This is par for the course from HC. They go in waves with their PR / Marketing. There will be a push of communication which includes updates on products, reasons for delays etc… Then it will go very quiet for a long period of time.

Yeah. I though pre-order for the Charlie pedals would be this month. But nothing, crickets.