New Propeller Simulation + CFD / Airplane list

This thread is a great idea, thanks!


The CFD simulation was listed for the G1000 version of the Cessna 172.

Don’t know if the other versions were also CFD updated, but since that would be speculation I just keep the G1000 version listed.

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So according to the last Q&A the CFD simulation can be activaed by developers with an ‘‘switch of a button’’.

Sounds pretty easy, if it’s working accurately we should see a lot of CFD updated airplanes in the next days.

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I’m trying to implement the CFD model on my DR400-140B but at the moment it’s not as easy as stated. I’ll need few days to understand it well and use it at it’s full potential.


Please keep us updated in this thread about which 3rd party devs start to implement CFD in MSFS. Would be nice to see how CFD works in other planes, instead of the 172.


FlyingIron Spitfire MkIX

  • Added modern prop physics

Awesome! Has anyone tried it to see how the update has affected its flight model?

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The upcoming Sting 4 (already submitted to marketplace) will feature both NPS and CFD: FSReborn by Flight sim Technologies


The steam version and the G1000 feel very similar and have the same new quirks. The FS Archive files for the Steam version were updated with SU9 as well; I suspect it’s enabled, but that is just pure speculation at this point.

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A little more context from SWS on CFD from their discord:

If you feel like reading, I can give you a long answer. The short one is that:

  1. The base flight model of MSFS doesn’t give us the fine control over aerodynamics that FSX did, forcing us to input the wrong geometry to get the right results. Still, this will lead to wrong results in areas of the envelope. Generally speaking, it is hard to predict what the aircraft will do with this FM vs FSX
  2. CFD adds an extra layer of complexity on top of it. This means that problems of #1 could be magnified, improved or both. We can’t know and have to approach it on a case-by-case basis.
  3. CFD was just released and it is going to go through many more iterations. This means that any flight models created with CFDs will have to be re-tuned multiple times, making it a maintenance nightmare. If you have the Kodiak, you know how it is already: we haven’t updated the flight model since December 24th and you’ve seen it fly in three different ways through three different sim updates.

And new prop tables:

New props: experimented a bit with them, liked the feeling didn’t like the lack of control. We will test them more before making a decision. Legacy tables reign supreme for props.


Thank you, FSReborn Sting S4 is now listed.

Bonanza G36 improvement project ( , CFD simulation now also included.

Aircraft performance has now been re-factored after the addition of the new sim prop modelling and CFD dynamics.

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I really would like to know if the Cessna 172 steam versions also use the CFD and native propeller simulation.

Also the Cessna 152 would be nice to know (I’m not even sure why I listed it under NPS, I think there wasn’t an official statement). :sweat_smile:

I asked several times in the discord, but got no response.
Any information would be very appreciated.

Well, I have one more for your list: The Savoia-Marchetti S.55 (Local Legend #4) coming soon uses both.

They provided a very noticeable improvement to the type’s unique pitch moment vs power quirks and rudder authority on the water, among other more subtle neat effects with contra-rotating inline props.



there was mentioned a display tool for the CFD simulation,
wouldn’t it be possible to see if the Cessna 152 and 172 non steam versions are using the CFD simulation with that?

I can’t get any answer in the discord, it’s driving me crazy… :sweat_smile:

Savoia-Marchetti S.55 out now and listed :slight_smile:

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Small ‘‘update’’ on the 172 Cessna steamgauge versions and the 152,
nobody knows if they are using NPS and/ or CFD, not even the head moderators of the msfs discord.

I have been told if only the G1000 version is named in the release notes than that’s what it is, which means they have no plan either.

So I guess the only person on the planet who knows it 100% is the god of NPS/CFD: Asobo Seb.
So there is a mission for the next Q&A… :sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s visible for the C152. If CFD is used by default the CFD checkbox would be active on on the devtools/aircraft/CFD UI at the start. If not it’s not active by default.

Also one can check the flightmodel.cfg entries for modern prop sim or CFD entries by comparing these with the C172. The file can be opened up using notepad/editor.

On the steam gauge C172 there is no chance to see if the flight model was updated as it’s encrypted.

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