New push back update issues

If your having trouble with the new updated push back mod I found that the no handle bar mod
is conflicting with it, At least it was on my system, Just a heads up!

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Mine sort of works even with the no toolbar add on but I get no voices and you have to go through atc to get the vehicles and jetway

Temporarily remove the no toolbar mod and see if it works better.
Mine worked but not good at all, I got the regular icon for pushback
and and a blank icon beside it, the regular pushback icon didn’t work at all
but the blank icon brought up the window to setup the pushback but it was useless.


I got it to work but it only works if you go through the atc clearance then it seems to work
When you arrive at the arrival gate it doesn’t work at all, so you have to request jetway, catering, baggage through atc or on the FBW fly pad but that doesn’t always work so you have to go through atc

The previous version worked fine I have both but keep the previous version on a separate file but hoping that it gets fixed soon as the new mod does work but it’s a lot of faffing around to get it to work properly as like the previous version did.

If that makes sense