New Pushback Addon costs literally 1/2 of MSFS

Are the 3rd party devs crazy??? 25 euros! I can’t believe the amount of price gouging going on during this first-to-market rush. X-plane has BetterPushback for free… and is objectively much better in terms of functionality!

Maybe the community can make something similar?


Welcome to simulators. Availability of substitutes increases drastically over time - if you don’t want to pay 25 euros for that add on, wait for someone else to develop one. It’s not like only one third party dev can work on a specific thing - just wait for more to be made.


just wait for the airliner it will cost more than the Premium Deluxe version


I still haven’t told my wallet. It has its suspicions, though.


Has anyone trialled or bought this yet?

I like the jokes that sometimes is going on in this forum.
Hey wait… Is this for real?


Other than allowing you to to choose where the pushback ends and some voices what else is there in this product over the default?

With Asobo pushing out regular improvements and the amount of freeware coming out I wouldn’t say this is worth the price. You will only use it for 15 seconds on each flight!


Yeah, I’ll be waiting for FSDT to make GSX for this sim. 30 bucks gets you catering, pushback, baggage, etc. 25 for just pushback is ridiculous especially when the sim does it on its own at an acceptable level.


The big question is, just how much do you need a €25 addon that does what you can already do, all be it in its clunky form? It’s not like you’re paying €25 for something that isn’t in the sim full stop.

The ‘gotto have it all’ brigade and roleplayers will be all over it like a raincoat, but it’s down to the individual to decide just how much they really need it.

Get’s a swift pass from me, and another chunk of money that will go towards something I think is worthwhile. As ever, each to their own.


I knew this was going to happen. I had said months ago that this sim was going to bankrupt many of us. When Microsoft came out with the list of 3rd party contributors I knew it would be a goldmine for them. I just didn’t realize they had all been working on their addons for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I think the sim is quite good, but I just can’t take out a second mortgage to pay for it all.


True. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a wealth of choice when it comes to addons. I think it’s fantastic that it looks like this sim is going to be very well supported by a ton of 3rd-party developers. I say bring it!

But it’s up to us as consumers to use some restraint and discretion in choosing what we think might actually be good value - worth it - over what might just be an ill-advised impulse buy. The market will decide.


On the bright side, it’s going to be some time before we have stable and flyable airliners. But that time, maybe there will be better and cheaper alternatives.

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Supply and demand, people are buying it obviously or else they would lower the price. Probably the point where they can maximize profits. Also I think MSFS was a low price for what it is and all it comes with.

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Spending any more money on this Sim in its current state is a no-no for me.

Prior to release I installed a 2070 Sup and had been planning to change up the mobo and CPU, but until we get more consistent performance that ain’t gonna happen. So installing a third party add-on (which might even further cripple operational func) AND paying €25 for the privilege makes no sense to this particular punter.

I’d have a go on the trial version though if they had one. But they don’t funny that…


Press Shift+P for zero bucks. You are welcome.


:joy: exactly​:+1:


I’ll wait for GSX and pay 50 euros for the turnaround process, which was great in P3D


What, a new product without a trial hidden behind a no refunds policy? I’m shocked…, no wait that’s wrong, I’m not surprised one bit as it’s the norm these days. Buyer beware, do your homework and making informed decisions has never been more important to do. Too many quick buck merchants including the oh so revered big name ones out there to not tread with caution.

I share your sentiment regarding shoving addons at this sim right now until it’s improved on the core stability front. Played that game of addon roulette in that other sim that people on here love threatening to go back to, and not doing it again.

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Thank you but that’s a pass for me.

With scripting tools like Spad.Next, you can use KEY_TUG_HEADING to send the desired heading value for the thug. I have it bind to a few buttons on my panel to turn left, right, start, stop. Hopefully we’ll get proper ATC implementation in the future, not a top priority I suppose.


Any chance you could publish a snippet for this? I have Spad.Next for Multi, Switch and X52 pro, but not very confident on the “programming front” :frowning:

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