New Pushback Addon costs literally 1/2 of MSFS

But pushback is currently quite useful, so you can move the planes that are not airworthy because the 1st engine is not running because of the patch sensibly in a parking position until the next patch comes and the second engine wilt is no longer running. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Ooo good idea, never thought of that, guess what I’m going to try now. You haven’t got a snippet for that have you? I’m very new to Spad too and it will probably take me till tomorrow to get it working lol. I dont even know what to do with a snippet yet lol.

I noticed that Multi Crew Experience is working on an update for MSFS 2020 and it will be a free update for prior MCE Ultimate purchasers.

So: reliable, useful, immersive and free - that WILL be worth installing (especially if they worked out the commands for “managed” & “selected” modes for the Neo)


Yes, I think many are waiting to see what PMDG will be offering,
(Start saving NOW !!! )

Nobody have to buy it. It’s not a requirement, let them put a price they want to. Always some people complain about stuff all the time in today’s society, too many trees, not enough trees.

You know what is overpriced?

You have to make a post about it? No wonder forums are the cancer of games. I would never have forums if I was a dev.

This pushback addon just provides voices and a rudder steering capability. Nothing else.

Waiting for a Better Pushback for MSFS to come for free.


Did you make it

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Just proved my point, jerks and whiners,

Have you bought it?

I have not, had no intention of buying it but I will now.

Well there’s one sale they’ve made then👍


Please feel free to spank 25 euros to spite the people on this thread and I hope it makes you feel better pal - genuinely.


I think it’s important to remember that this also a product for FSX and P3D, so whilst pushback in MFS may be alright, it’s atrocious in FSX and P3D by default. And those simulators are missing pushback features like being able to steer the push yourself, yet alone lining up with a taxiway etc.

You can get 5 Euro off if you’re previously an FS2Crew customer, but even then I wouldn’t purchase it at that cost.

Once You install it, Please post a video.
Tugging the A320 back to the MRO to get engine 1 fixed would be nice.

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Is someone forcing you to buy addons?


This thread more and more remind me of the ongoing “Star Citizen” tema about whales that throws multi many dollars ($1k+) for spaceships that until now and for long (maybe forever), only is pretty .jpg’s.

So why the drama if people want to throw many money at someone who makes a product, using a couple of keybinds and add some voices?

I too would like to see if the ‘product’ is worth the money! (Just for the giggles) - So pls post reviews, thnx.

Independent software dev’s - large and small - should be encouraged to do what they do.
They are often innovative and good at developing quirky, niche products. This leads to more choice.

However some software dev’s are charging silly money for their products.
Add-on prices should be proportionate. Simply put:

There can be NO justification for charging more for a software add-on than the price of the simulator it was designed to run on.

Call me an old romantic [iv’e been called much worse] but I love the notion of the small team /one man [woman] developer who beaver’s away into the night to produce an add-on because he or she is, too, an enthusiast.
Good examples of this are the likes of Alex [of Little Navmap fame] or Pete Dowson [of the mighty FSUIPC]. These products have been developed, improved and supported for many years. These products are real simulator enhancements. And these products are proportionally priced or donation based.


Just wait for the so called Premium Third Party Developers to push their so called “study level” airplanes. That will be an eye opener for many.


Haha. For sure.
An eye waterer, perhaps.

Ermm but there are at least two products for FSX and P3D one of which is made by this dev that can already do pushback and more lol