New Pyrenees bush trip missing

Where do i find the new bush trip, it isnt in the Bush trips.

did you ‘purchase and install’ the free new world update from the ingame marketplace? The bush trip is included in that.

When i started the game today, instead it opening, it said there was an update and it did it without going to the marketplace…22 gig

yep, that was the normal patch. You need to install another 5GB world update from the marketplace.
It’s been this way with all the world updates.

Go to the marketplace, filter for ‘free’ content on the left, and you’ll find all world updates there to install for free.

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Cheers MortThe2nd, i will do that right now, thanks again

no problem, enjoy.

Have you started the Bush Trip?

Yep, I did.

I would suggest removing the flight plan from the GPS, closing the VFR map, and just fly it from the description / timings / headings. Very enjoyable.

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That indeed is a cool idea!!

The USA bush trip was the first one I did. The Savage Cub doesn’t have a GPS at all. I really enjoyed the ‘puzzle tour’ aspect of it, so I have completed all the other bush trips in exactly the same way. They’ve been a ton of fun.

I did it the other way around saving the american bushtrip for last😅
I think I’m facing a real challenge then.

Will commence the bushtrip later this week.

Biggest tip I can give is don’t fly straight over the visual cues you’re following (roads, train tracks etc). Keep them on the left of your plane so you can see them from the cockpit. I would advise around 1000ft AGL maximum. Have fun :slight_smile:

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Pfiew I made it, but I struggled a bit on the 1st leg already of the Nevada Bushtrip.
Right of the bat I started in the wrong direction.
I refused to use the back on track function as it is no longer possible to get the achievement once you’ve used it. So I backtracked to the airport which wasn’t even that hard, but 20 minutes before the end I lost my bearings completely.
I flew in several directions finding landmarks that could guide me, but it didn’t help. So I decided to head towards the heading indicated by the navlog and with the smart cam function I luckily found my destination.

What used to be a 40 minute flight, took me 90 minutes.

What a nice adventure this 1st leg was, hahaha​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It’s a lot more fun when you do it for real this way. It becomes wicked boring if you fly it on autopilot.

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A lot more fun like that isn’t it? Actually feel like you’ve achieved something after you finally find that little grass strip you’re looking for.

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