NEW RELEASE: Aeroplane Heaven Lockheed Electra 10-A


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This has been one of my dream aircraft for MSFS since the JustFlight one on P3D is so good! This will be a treat. Second 1 purchase for me!


I just love 1930’s aircraft…so I guess I will be buying this one…the only question is: How soon is real soon?


They are on a roll… DC-3 AND Electra??? It’s almost like they figured out what I’d love. :wink: (And what no one else seems to be making)


I’m throwing my credit card at the screen but nothing is happening.


Dam can AH stop taking my money. Not personally a plane know well but love these type of aircraft so much.

I wonder how soon, “real soon” is. Wonder if will be lucky and have in time for my birthday this weekend :smiley:


I flew their 10A almost daily in FSX - this is great news

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This is the plane Amelia Earhart went down in, a highly modified version (more gas tanks). Contemporary of the Boeing 247 and Beech Model 18.


I love the Beech 18 too! I have Carenado’s Beech 18 in P3D and it’s gorgeous and really fun! I know they are planning to bring all their stuff over, so I hope that one is coming sooner rather than later. Along with their Short turboprops.


Yeah, that is basically all do know about this. Maybe a bit more from watching a ton of documentaries on her as studied minority pilots when got into aviation so knew wasn’t alone :slight_smile:

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Nobody is alone.


We’re only alone as we decide to feel.

But, very cool to look for inspiration :slight_smile:

Tom, I like that. Might have to quote you in my next book! (Wish I could give the URL to my current one, but that would be too promotional!)

And yes… looking forward to the Electra. Got to fly in CF-TCC about 20 years ago.


@FlyingsCool5650 That’s just not true when in multiple minority groups. I get the sentiment but it’s very dismissive of genuine feelings and experiences that cause people like myself to feel alone in such a community.

To be back on topic, I was going to start a round the world trip very soon so if this is out I may have to change my plan and delay it to use this as it would seem wrong not to given everyone knows this plane because of Amelia and being aeroplane heaven know will be so aesthetically pleasing it beats a boring typical GA that’s for sure


With you about minorities (and minorities in aviation).

If you want to do Amelia full justice: check out the celestial navigation gauge available on, if you haven’t already: CelNav for MSFS - Celestial Navigation Sextant » Microsoft Flight Simulator

With that and long-range tanks, you’re good to go.


Well aside from extra fuel tanks Amelia’s model 10 also had no passenger windows - but I am not complaining - DC3 and Electra all I need now is a Staggerwing.

Especially since Aeroplane Heaven with the c140 and mk1A have came out with a couple of the best behaved tail draggers in the sim to date.

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What’s a Staggerwing? And yeah, I know Spitfire MK I is different from the Flying Iron one, but since I am not THAT much into warbirds, I thought I’d stick with one Spitfire. I rarely fly it. Do you really recommend the AH Spit though?


Awesome news. I totally want this :slight_smile:… also Boeing 247 and Beech 18 (hopefully someone will make one). With Ju52 releasing we will have quite a few classic twins… ehem technically Ju52 is not a twin but who cares.

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Wing42 is making the Boeing. Carenado has the Beech.

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They fly very different. The Mk1 is much easier to handle as isn’t as powerful a plane, there’s more candy features and the ground handing since the last update is by far my favourite however If like the FI version given that have engine damage and better modeled fuel temps, currently there may not be much reason for someone who doesn’t love British war birds to get.

If tempted it’s worth a good look at the forum thread on it as there’s quite a lot there that helped inform me. I’d not say it’s a must have or you’d prefer it as from what I see people are split on which prefer if even can pick but I have both and personally enjoy flying the AH version more.


That was exactly my reaction when I read the title :grin::+1:


yessss, just release it already. Now i just need a Conny, a hellcat and a t-6 texan and i’m all happy