NEW RELEASE: Aeroplane Heaven Lockheed Electra 10-A

For basic GPS navigation, following a magenta line, you can always pull down the VFR map from the options bar. If you have the GTN750 then you have that option too.


if the Sperry operates properly or close to it that’ll be good enough for me. Heading and altitude hold is all I use AP for anyway. I like to hand fly mostly - but especially the approaches and landings.
I mean what is the point of having a flight sim if not to do the flying?
NM me - I get it. If the system is there it’s so folks can use it and it should work properly regardless.
The Lockheed is an old airplane though and it should have old systems if anything is to be built in.
I like the idea of aftermarket avionics being an aftermarket purchase and installation by the individual owners - not a resource or expense that developers MUST include with every product regardless of era .
Does the Bleriot have a GPS and transponder?


It seems ya’ll bought a plane that didn’t pass a pre-buy inspection.


True… I do appreciate the modern avionics though as the VFR map is a bit of a drag. But yeah, I will settle for the Sperry working correctly and the DME working as well. As well as mixture and flaps. If those are handled, I will be pretty happy.


Even VOR/DME is a bit advanced for a 1930’s Electra if we are going to be accurate to the period… but I guess there were Electras flying around after WW2 and any examples flying around today will have at least a Garmin 430 on the panel somewhere though.

I found this website to be a fascinating read:

If you want to try it out for yourself:



Audiokintec Wwise:

If you use Audiokinetic’s Wwise middleware to build sound banks for MSFS then you’re most likely aware that your key has recently expired. In order to use Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio middleware to build sound banks for FS, you will need a license. A license provides you with a key that is periodically updated and allows you to create content using their tools. Microsoft provides this Wwise license to our 3rd party content creators free of charge and all you need to do is register on the Audiokinetic website to receive yours. There are several methods of doing this based on the scope of your need. Please choose the method that best suits your development needs:

  1. If you’re making a single non-commercial mod, visit the website, and under the Get Wwise menu, click ‘Register my Project’. Then, choose ‘Non-Commercial’ and ‘More than 200 sounds’, then fill out the form. Once approved, you’ll have a non-commercial key to cover your development time.

  2. If you’re making a single commercial mod, visit the website, and under the Get Wwise menu, click ‘Register my Project’. Then, choose ‘Commercial’ and ‘More than 500 sounds’, then fill out the form. Once approved, you’ll receive a free Commercial license, covering your development time.

  3. However, if you’re a company making multiple commercial mods, then register a single commercial project for your company. This just makes things easier, as you can use the same license key for each of your mods. visit the website, and under the Get Wwise menu, click ‘Register my Project’. Then, choose ‘Commercial’ and ‘More than 500 sounds’, then fill out the form. Name the project 'MSFS Mods for ', to make it clear that it is for multiple mods. Once approved, you’ll receive a commercial license for a 6 month term, which will be renewed if needed later on. Just contact Audiokinetic to let them know you still need an active key, and they’ll take care of it. If you’re within 30 days of your expiration date, every time you build soundbanks you will receive a warning about the impending expiration. To contact Audiokinetic, you can use the ‘Contact your AK representative’ button that is in each project.

Please note: If you are currently using the Wwise license key that was provided in the SDK demo project you will need to follow one of the above paths to receive a new key as this one has expired.

Source: 2021 MSFS **SDK Change Logs** - Part 3 (unofficial)

No reason for AH not to implement ‘Wwise’ sounds for their Electra and future aircraft.

Browsing AH website product website for the Electra 10e. I see that the product page for the electra mentioned WWise sound below:
“…The sound set uses legacy files.
Although these sounds are authentic P&W engine sounds, we MAY be upgrading to a WWise soundpack at a later date…”
If the page is recently been updated then it is give me some hope that we will getting WWise sound.

It was released with those notes.

If that is the case. By withdrew modern avionic (autopilot features) and not implemented WWise sound. This would certainly be ground for not as described product by Paypal. I can see lot of people want refund.
Regardless, I quite reasonably happy with the mod.

I think its less about using Wwise (there is a learning curve, but I imagine they can handle it) and more about not having enough source recordings to actually set up Wwise.

Just a guess though - without them participating in this thread all we can do is guess.

I am eagerly awaiting this update that was ‘hoped’ to be released last week, then moved to this week. It’s starting to look a bit worrying. I mentioned before that it’s one thing to rush a half baked product out the door but it’s another to make people wait weeks and then months for fixes.

Still sitting this one out. Very tempted as it is such a gorgeous aircraft but in my mind their reputation is becoming increasingly substandard with every passing week of no update. They can still save this release and start to repair their reputation - it needs some priority on their part though to show they care about their release and their customers.


Well their cessna 140 doesnt have wwise either and there are enough resources (recordings/active aircraft) and their spitfire soundkit wasn’t made by them but a 3rd external party, probably a professional sound engineer, so I’m not so sure about your “they can handle it”

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So just a quick question…Did the update drop?

No. It hasn’t as of this afternoon.

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Guess we aren’t getting that update this week or last week after all… hmm

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Thought as much. Zero communication as well!

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I doubt we’ll see the update until SU6 hits the runway.
I don’t blame them for that but they need to learn some communication skills.
I want this bird but won’t buy it until at least the major issues are resolved.

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Me as well, not buying it until I see improvements!

Remember? Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. :wink: I think they forgot the Communicate part.


Well what they did say in that intro video…
the one where the person couldn’t go straight down the runway during takeoff and was using an xbox controller.

‘Wwise costs a lot of money and that’s the reason we didn’t include them. If the numbers go well(meaning sales), we may upgrade the sounds in the future…’ or words to that effect.

He did definitely alude to, that they could not afford to implement Wwise sounds for financial reasons.

So… BlackBox and DC Designs (which are smaller developers than AH) can include WWise sounds in the aircraft, but AH can’t? Again, it just sounds like cutting corners.