New Release: Aeroplane Heaven P-51D Mustang

Thank you very much for your detailed response; I am looking into incorporating the sound mod.

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They recommend you rename the community folder when updating MSFS as it could cause issues and once updated just rename the older back. It should create a new community and if it does just delete that.

Regarding the JayDee mod for the turn and bank fix, I compared the files XML files as JD said he wasn’t sure if anything else was changed so he wasn’t recommending using it as it could break things. I found that nothing else in the interior xml has been changed and only the info between the slip ball and turn bank were corrected as they mixed up the data. So it is safe to do the turn and bank fix,

Do not do the flight model fix as that was for the original AH P-51 release and will most likely break things. I myself only have used the TSS audio mod and turn and bank fix.