New Release at Simmarket: BRSIMDESIGNS - DEBONAIR 35

I really like this plane (addon-product) and I appreciate the frequent updates. But there is still an big issue with the performance in my opinion. The plane with 2.800 lbs weight should be able to takeoff at ~ 80 MPH with flaps up after approximately 1.500 ft. And it is far away from that. So I tested some numbers in the configs.

I changed the following:

fuel_flow_scalar to 0.5
power_scalar to 1.55

cruise_lift_scalar to 1.15
parasite_drag_scalar to 0.8
induced_drag_scalar to 1.65

This is a quick and dirty fix, but it results in
a) better takeoff performance
b) better cruise speed
c) better climb performance

(with better I mean - more like the numbers in the POH)

I used an POH of the A33-B33 version as a reference.

If somebody could try these numbers and give feedback, I would appriciate it.

Kind Regards

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It would be great to see more liveries. That yellow on polished aluminum is classic. We should have a red and as blue in that style also.

Hi JayDee, I can’t get your “GTN750 on others” mod to work on this one. I added the file for it when you updated it. It works on everything else, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

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The Reason is, they changed the path name with one of the last patches. I have to make an quick update. I will try to do this as soon as possible. Kind Regards, JayDee


I uploaded a new version of my GTN750 on others mod with a hotfix for the debonair. Kind Regards, JayDee


Thank you! You’re the best!

Has anyone been able to get ice to form on the airframe or window?

I’d love to see an integration of the PMS GNS 530! Also the spinoff of the Garmin G5 DG/HSI should be redone in my opinion. If other designers could also come out with different color textured panels, I’m onboard. Either way, so far it is impressive what the develop has brought to the flightsim community! :clap:

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I haven’t been able to start the plane from cold and dark when following checklist. Any tips?

Left tank selected?

As with any plane be sure if you’re using peripherals that the hardware isn’t overriding the cockpit controls (I’ve had this happen with the magneto knob on my Alpha for instance.)

I was using my mouse scroll wheel to click to Start. I should have been using left mouse instead.

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I just downloaded the update 1.06 from Simmarket - I am a bit confused. The original folder is named
“brsimdesigns-b35e33” but the update files are in folder
“brsimdesigns-b35b33” so now I have two differently named folders in my community folder. Is this correct?

I noticed this too. I ended up just taking the contents from the b35b33 folder (the patch) and dumping them into the e33 folder (the original) and overwriting. I think it was an oversight by the developer that the name had changed. Hopefully we can just get a new fresh installer.

I have decided to purchase this. After the first flight in Norway, it’s really nice. Very well-done aircraft.


I bought it too. It’s a lovely little plane. Kind of like a fast version of the Warrior (but without the JF extremely high level of detail and polish – just a normal level of detail and polish).

I noticed the patch name issue as well. I also just copied the contents into the pre-existing file. Haven’t tested it yet, but I assume it will be fine.

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Just crashed with the Debonair because active pause didn’t work as it should (happens with a lot of 3rd party planes). But most annoying: during the inevitable crash the Debonair made a warning sound (beeeepbeepbeep…beeeepbeepbeep…) that became persistent, even after restart, and even after swapping to another aircraft(!!!) this sound was still there. Had to restart the whole SIM.

I haven’t used active pause in over a year. It caused problems for me since the very beginning.

Yeah, Active Pause is instant destabilizing. Tried it once back in August of last year. Never again. Escape does wonders for pause :wink:


Would you recommend this aircraft, guys?
How is the flight model? ( most important )
Sound, cockpit textures ???
Thank you