New Release: Bluemesh Caudron C.430 "Rafale"

Unplanned Caudron Rafale meetup at the Community Fly-In: Women of Aviation with @CptMeowingtons \o/


Do you know when this update will be available?

I wanted to add a new sound package before sending the update, but maybe I will send it before. Because it’s been a while since this update was announced.
I hope before june.


Also would you ever consider doing the single seat varient? I’d love to buy that from you as well!

Yes I thought about it, I would like to work on a single seat varient like the C460, but the partnership with microsoft takes a looot of my time.
It’s not impossible that this would be a future project.


More Caudrons would be awesome. Looking forward to the update for the 430 as well.

Is that working on the Spirit of St. Louis and Spruce Goose or are you making more planes for them? If you can’t say due to NDA stuff then you can blink your reply in morse code. :wink:


Either way would be fine, i think! Although i know i’d be fine waiting for the sounds, it might be helpful for the people who aren’t on here to see that the plane is still being supported (even though we know, of course)

Also, i didn’t realize you worked on some of the 40th Anniversary planes! Are you able to say which ones you did? If not, no worries ~ wouldn’t wanna break any NDA’s :open_mouth:

The Wright Flyer, The Spirit of St Louis, the H4-hercules.
The updates of these 3 aircraft do not take me much time, I have some feedback that I process. For the rest I can’t talk about it ^^


You’ve done an incredible job on them and I’m delighted to have these three icons in the sim. Looking forward to your future releases.