New Release: Captain Sim Boeing 777F

777F – Captain Sim

Enjoy. I am obviously not touching this with a ten foot pole. It’s the same 747 they have sold you the last two times, but another $20 for them.


I’d really prefer your next topic would be New Release: Aerosoft Twin Otter :wink:


Yeah. Me too. I’d prefer my next topic would be just about anything else. Like… New Release: Amazon “How to Weave Baskets for Dummies”


I suggest that this thread remains focused on the release described in the opening post.

This probably means that only those who have purchased this item should post here.

Let’s not re-hash what has been said in a previous CS 777 release thread :wink:


Therefore, I am opening the floor to … :grimacing:

No, but seriously, the topic was created for awareness of those who would be interested in such a purchase. It’s there. It’s available. Go grab it if the masochistic tendencies are slowly creeping in. I can’t help it - it’s my nature. I CAN make people aware AND make a joke at the same time, RIGHT? RIGHT? :wink: What else do we have left if we can’t have some humour, eh?


Boooo, Jeremy not taking one for the team…I’m disappointed :rofl:


On a positive note… I just flew their other 777 just to refresh my memory… Just a short Helsinki-Leningrad flight. if you disregard the fact that there are 4 engines, it flies JUST like the 747. So, hey! If you like the default 747 and just want a 777 skin, it’s not half bad. The aircraft looks good inside and out and the frame rates are better than say… Bredok 737. With the recently released couple of things that don’t even work AT ALL, this is actually surprisingly inoffensive now. Boy, the bar has been lowered.

Some parent asked a question on FB about a present for their 9 year old. They listed a bunch of aircraft the kid enjoys and it was Concorde, Spitfire, Typhoon, etc… A bunch of people jumped in and said Typhoon was garbage. I agree. BUT… for a 9 year old that probably just wants to go really fast? I don’t think they care about accuracy of anything at that point. I actually recommended that parent the Typhoon over the Spitfire which might be a little too much. I am a parent. That’s how it works…

So hey, if some kid out there really wants a 777, this is NOT a bad purchase. That’s how I honestly feel about it. It won’t be for any of us enthusiasts, but to someone who couldn’t care any less about systems and just wants something that is easy and looks nice? THIS right here might not be a bad thing. Am I getting old and mellow?


OMG… you have been Captain Sim’ed!

How does he do it!

That’s gonna be a long and hard detox process. I will assemble the support group…


Someone living in the USA spells humour the English way?

Good on yer matey!


I learned English when I still lived in Europe, so… I learned the “proper” version. :wink:
You should see the looks on the waiters’ faces when I ask for water. Half the time they have no idea what I am asking for. I sometimes have to force myself to say it the American way. Ha!


Oh man I just love it when the bar gets lowered (or, better still, opened)

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Never mind asking for ‘warter’; asking for the ‘bill’ usually sends them into a panic!

And of course to stay on topic, I have to say that a 777F is far too big for me to manage with all those engines…

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Ok, fess up, who are you and what have you done with the real Jeremy ?


“Surprisingly inoffensive” also doesn’t strike me as a very American expression. :joy:

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Let’s hope the 3 simmers who buy this and post here are doing so to tell us that CS totally revamped it, its now complete with its own 777 systems and dynamics, and not just the same as the other 2. :rofl:

In all seriousness, we can only hope that the previous posts about this vendor’s products have done the community the service it deserves…by keeping unsuspecting simmer’s money in their pocket if they were otherwise tempted by CS’s deceptive sales pages and were under the impression they were getting a whole 777.

I’m betting we’ll see the 767 shell next from CS.

It’s actually a good model for the AI planes.

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How are these planes actually legal to sell to consumers? Because the cockpit is basically Asobo’s 747 cockpit. They are trying to sell a plane to a customer who technically already owns it. I can’t imagine this happening for any other games. Now everyone can just use a existing plane, quickly throw a outer shell on it and get money for it!


Let’s not be too mad at the CS 777 buyers. I remember when I just got into FSX, I bought anything that was out and looked good. The new Simmers will soon find out that everything that looks good is not good and I am really sad the CS put out this 777 (747). I really enjoyed there planes BUT it was good for the time. Now… I will really be looking hard at what they put out next. And I hope that they will do better.

I took a plunge to test this aircraft. It’s buggy. When I try to spawn on any airport, my game crashes on loading. I can spawn in the air just fine though. Any other aircraft works, only CS777F crashes when trying to spawn on any airport.

This is unreal. I am definetly requesting refund.

Yeah good luck with that….seriously