New Release: dc-designs-pt17-stearman

Bought this baby on Sale last Saturday, and took it for a spin yesterday.

Boy did I have some fun. This is most definitely one that will see the outside of the hangar on a frequent basis.


I saw her in Mid July… very good show.


Hi guys, just trying out the Stearman. Very nice :). One question is about the transponder, does it support Mode C? Thanks.

I don’t think it does, no, it was a very basic rendition. The Stearman will be getting an update this year hopefully, so a better transponder might make it in also.


Thanks Dean, good to know cheers.

Yoooo this bird is hilarious :joy:. Just did an entire IFR flight with the GTN 750 and the plane was able to respond to every AP command, from vertical speed to FLC etc…

Never really tried this with it before but i thought i’d give it a try and it worked.

I just got a surprise update for the Stearman on Just Flight, and here’s the changelog, which is very exciting, as it looks like they’ve added the new CFD and propeller modeling, an engine rework, and some other stuff. I’m jumping in now to check it out!


  • Update for Sim Update 11
  • Compass animation improved for accuracy
  • New PBR for fuselage and wings
  • Reworked Flightmodel and Engines for both versions.
  • Enabled propeller modern physics.
  • Enabled CFD simulation.
  • Stearman Faired switched to Constant pitch Beta.
  • Tweaked Propeller Drag simulation.
  • Fixed Gauge’s needles.
  • Reworked Radio Screen: Now is possible to tune Stby/Act NAV/COM Freqs and swap between them. Each knob has a push function to allow the operation.

Cool beans — let us know how it is!!

Thanks for the heads-up.

Yes, please let us know your findings.

Downloading now :wink:

I’ll keep an eye on here, but remember that we have our discord available for whatever you want/need to report.


Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve never flown in an actual Stearman, so I can’t speak to how accurate it is… but it FEELS good to fly. I love seeing the visual CFD to see how the wind is flowing over the plane, and it does indeed look like the second wing affects the wind-flow.

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Well yeah, that’s kind of what I meant. Not sure many of us at all have really flown in one, never mind pilot one! It’s the feel that matters. It was already lovely so wondering how these changes make it feel compared to before. More organic? More small movements in the wind? More influence of prop when you’re powering up on the ground?

I’ll find out soon but can’t play for a couple of days… just excited as it’s one of my faves!


I’ve flown in one, but not flown one, sadly.


Tried it yesterday after the new update and it feels really good to fly now. Very realistic and you have to fight with the stick more to keep it level in windy conditions.

Is it still necessary to mess with the extremity deadzone for the ailerons? In the past we had to do that because they made the plane too sensitive by choice.

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I tweaked it in the flight model. Shouldn’t be neccesary. you will or should notice that it is less sensitive in the values ​​closer to the center stick but without sacrificing the maximum roll rate of the plane.

I bought the Stearman a long time ago in a MarketPlace far far away…

When I updated MSFS to SU11/40th, I just updated everything, but don’t remember seeing the Stearman in particular. However, I see that I have version 1.0.5.

Can anyone confirm that the MP version of the Stearman was updated? Thanks

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good question, I’ve bought the Stearman at Market Place as well…
I will check the version number in the content manager…

After check the Content-Manager, I have the actual Version 1.0.5 :slight_smile:

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how to get this chrome center from the propeller away?.also chrome at the weel caps now,the center from prop was smal and nice before

also if you use brake now(only on off option) it gets nose over now,i go back to the old version,if i can not change this?
also it ruin all navy or army liveries now… :roll_eyes:

Thank´s Ralf

I noticed there are some bolts or something floating in the air when looking to the side. I didn’t see that before the update.

Yup, rivets floating on both sides of the cockpit towards the rear, you can actually see them on the first screenie above.