New Release: Deimos Su-57 Felon in Marketplace

Are you on xbox? I’ll try relaunching the game.

I’ve noticed this both in the Felon and Griffin as of late.

Don’t you feel the engine RPM changes need to be more audible and pronounced while adjusting throttle midair?

I’m on PC, can’t comment as to the XBox unfortunately.

Then it could be specific to Xbox @DeimoS987

I too noticed this camera issue. extremely weird and awful to control the plane. (im on Xbox).
Settings the Zoom to manual and about 60-70% fixes this a bit but then when i do sharp turns plane goes out the view completely.

About time Deimos made the chase view standard zoom consistent across all planes.

Eh, Deimos, what say? :grin:


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I think i found the reason for this Strange camera angle.
See this highlighted little black bar in this Screenshot?

It seems to be a left over geometry from the 3D Model. most probably due to this being a “Part” of the Jet, the camera calculate the center of the jet wrong. as camera usually focus on the center of the jet, zoomin in will also will look strange. removing this most probably fix the issue i guess.

Here are some more Screenshots (1080P as my Display is FHD).

Yes , thanks so much!
I already fixed that and will be released in the upcoming update! Sorry for that

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All your jets need to have the default zoom fixed for chase view. I think only the Mig-29’s chase view zoom looks correct at the standard 50 level.