New Release: EA-7 Edgley Optica (ORBX)

Downloading now. I know there is a freeware one! But…I guess I want to be poor lol

OMG had to get this too… Bill Womack made incredible scenery

my bank account :frowning:


We’ll expect a full review of the Optica NLT 0900Z.

I am not a review type guy sadly. I will of course put up some pictures and a general bit. But you better off waiting for either Megadyptes7635 or BostonJeremy77

These guys are awesome, and will no doubt buy it.


It would be useful to see a comparison of this with the freeware one.


I would recommend reading this. It is actually a fairly detailed plane. The ballast system is modelled.

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God, here I go again😀

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Trying to do loiter mode lol

Very quickly off the bat.
I find it hard to control at low speeds, and it keeps pulling to the left (Probably p-factor) the Just flight arrow does that as well, or it was because around airport S45, its windy…I guess the control issues are my short comings as a virtual pilot.

Overall I like it and will fly it, it will be amazing in VR and is great for sight seeing. The loiter mode works, but I kept getting close to a wing over stall. Maybe some experts on here can chime in.

I would love to see the GTN750 integration, and although unrealistic I would like to see a modern version with an auto pilot just for those low and slow sight seeing tours so you can be more hands off and just keep an eye on speed.

I think the plane is a bit of a handful to get down on the ground, but then it is designed to fly at slow speeds so yeah, I guess practice etc. I would say we just may have ourselves a gem here if you like this kind of thing and if it behaves like this IRL then yes, its very good, and reasonably priced.


It doesn’t have a dog :pensive:


I don’t have much to say here.

As you can see, it’s GORGEOUS. Inside and out. No complaints whatsoever. One thing - in the main selection screen they forgot to include any of the performance numbers. This is gonna bug me, I hope they fix that soon. One thing I can say is that this is THE aircraft for sight-seeing. It’s slow and the views are gorgeous. Thankfully it doesn’t have a bunch of dirt on windows.

It’s LOUD. I don’t hear changes to engine sound when you open the door though… I also can’t hear switches, but… to be fair, maybe they are quiet? I didn’t bother with headphones and my wife is sleeping next to me, so I couldn’t really have it very loud to test more. But… the sounds are fine, I suppose.

I didn’t test stalls yet. It’s late. BUT I flew a short hop in Puerto Rico and it does NOT disappoint. One thing that bugged me about the Aerosoar version was that it is overpowered. It was pretty easy to overspeed in it and this one actually seems to have a more balanced amount of power - it’s a SLOW flyer. It takes a WHILE to climb. It doesn’t bleed off speed all that well and has a little heaviness to it in terms of how it responds to rudder, aileron, and elevator input. Ground control is great - very manageable. I didn’t have any issues with excessive P-factor or anything of the sort - I kept it straight on the runway until rotation (which seemed to need a bit more input than I am used to).

It’s easy to fly and easy to like. Great looking bird, the price is right, and besides that thing with no performance numbers on selection screen, I really have no qualms with this. Well done, Orbx. Now go fix your bloody selection screen. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys!
The selection screen is being fixed and will be in an upcoming patch, that one slipped through at last minute, apologies.

In terms of loitering, keep it around 80knts and trim it out. Keep an eye on your fuel and switch tanks regularly.

For landing, just get your speed down to around 65knts on approach or in the pattern and trim her out, I’ve done thousands of landings in her and every time trim trim trim just like a real aircraft, throttle idle over the threshold and a slight flare and she kisses the ground beautifully.

Most of my flights are hands off the stick and just trimmed out in climb, cruise, descent and landing.
And yes I did test the 8 hours loiter time in real time with hardly any stick time except for trimming out.

I’ll re-check the sounds as opening the doors did adjust the engine sounds as we’re using the new Wwise format.
Also every sound is within the cockpit; switches, gyro’s spinning up and down, fuel pump, stall warning, etc. Maybe check your sound levels in options?

In regards to stalling, we have no control over that, the core sim handles all stall characteristics at the moment.

In terms of a dog in the cockpit, yeah we won’t be adding that one :wink:

Orbx Business Development Manager


Loving this unique beauty! Great for sigtseeing, nice and slow cruising along enjoying the lovely scenery below! Really easy to fly, no issues loitering around and had no issues bleeding off speed or getting her back down. What an absolute joy to putt around the skies with!
The details inside and out here are great too. I can see myself flying this bird around a lot for a long time to come! :smiley:


As ever, a great review sir.

Fun plane! Price ain’t too bad either, onyl 13 quid for me. Took her for a quick flight from her home in Old Sarum to have a quick tour around Salisbury Cathedral ‘famous not only in Europe but in the whole world for its 123-metre spire’, then up to Stone Henge then past the Fovant Badges and landing at one of my favourite air fields: Compton Abbas.

Nice plane. Looks great inside and out, well outside you’ll see a few minor flaws here and there if you zoom in like a crazy nut as I do but it’s nothing worth worrying about. The engine sounds are really good and throaty which I like. I couldn’t hear any switch sounds either with the engine on or off so I think there’s a problem there that needs fixing. She handles really well and flies like a dream when trimmed out, perfect for a spot of low level sight seeing. Bit sluggish on the controls and you gotta be a bit careful in the turns so you don’t lose altitude but nothing too troubling. Landing with those big flaps fully out was nice and simple, just floated in basically. Cockpit looks great and is functional. I would’ve preferred a cockpit without the GPS and more old fashioned radios and transponder but I am a bit of a weirdo in that regard and most will probably appreciate the GPS. Worth mentioning that there’s no autopilot, it’s hands only ladies and gents! which is no problem for me but I guess some might object (pah go back to your tubeliners!) Oh yeah there’s a circuit breaker that has stuff actually modelled properly, I pulled the lights and flap breakers and lo and behold, they stopped working! I love that kind of stuff so good job there.

All in all a great little plane for hedge hopping and a great price. Would recommend.


I sent this to ORBX Discord, I hope they take note:

MSFS Optica Feedback:

  1. VR - Would be better to have VR Zoom available throughout the Cockpit (like default Planes) not just the Control Panel, currently it’s hard to lean round and see the left side buttons and the magneto key up top.
  2. Switches/Levers need some sounds, I can’t hear anything when I’m using them (without the engine running)
  3. At full throttle the engine sound clearly “loops”, could perhaps do with some more blending to smooth it out

Aside those first impression issues the rest of it is good, great viewing in VR.

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Oh yeah I noticed a bit of engine sound looping as well but not too bad, overall the engine sounds are really quite nice.

Thanks, another great review. you and BostonJeremy77, have a good review vibe going on. Short, sweet, informative, no shilling, and to the point.


Given that nobody else is having the pull to the left issue, can anyone help me out on this. I have the Airbus TCA by thrust master, I dont have the quadrant or anything, I cant get one. Sadly all my yokes and peddles I had in the FSX days are gone.

As soon as this flight is finished today, will be heading out in the Optica. Cant wait for a real long hauler in MSFS!

Hello Ellise,

Great aircraft to fly. Apart from some minor points I’ve read about in this forum, I’m sure you will fix them, I noticed that there is no steering movement from the nosegear when taxiing. Never noticed it?

Sure you will fix this too? :wink:

Kind regards,



How badly is it pulling left for you? I does a small bit for me but I think that’s just from the propeller torque. If it’s a pretty severe pull then I guess your controller might need calibrating.

Taking the spyplane version out for a ride and peek.