New Release: FN-333 Riviera

Regarding floats when spawning on water. Sadly, I cannot set their starting state. However, spawning on a water runway, shall have them start to deploy the moment you jump in. Anything other than a water runway won’t do. There is no sure way to determine you spawned on water, instead of landing on it. hence, this issue perseveres.

Just grabbed this on sale. Great little plane! Handling and systems are really good.

I had one little issue, which may be user error. After cold starting on the water, I tested out the reverser lever, but I was unable to get the prop out of reverse no matter what I did with that lever. Forward or back, any throttle kept pushing the plane backward. After a restart I flew around a bit and landed on a runway, and the lever worked correctly at that point.

Hmmm… please make sure the propeller lever is full forward when operating reverse. This shall not happen, however! I’ll attempt a few checks on this once more!

Nice to see the WT GNS is now implemented natively (and in the C-22J, too).

Thank you, Mario!


Bought from IniStore but I’m not seeing the update that Marketplace got this week.

Currently it appears they have processed the request. Each retailer processes the requests at their own time! Usually I push the updates to IniBuilds & SimMarket the day the Marketplace publishes them, which is on a Thursday.

Thanks for the update, is it coming to xbox as well?
Have both pc and box so only ’half’ updated.


Thanks for pointing this out! It should have been released together with the PC update, but looks like I forgot to click a certain button :blush:

It shall be with you the coming Thursday!